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Co-op faces criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon

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The Co-op has faced criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon and revs up 300 more delivery robots with the aim of almost tripling online sales to £200m. The convenience store mutual said shoppers would be a...

‘You’re feeding them like athletes’: how I tasted success selling raw dog food

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Not many dogs can claim to have a business named after them but, long before Bruno, a collie-lurcher cross, had his name above a shop, he was struggling to inspire much in anyone at all. That was until he met Bradley ...

Can I make money selling Atomy products, or is it too good to be true?

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A South Korean cosmetics company is making a major push into Britain, and claims that those who sign up to be a sales representatives can earn thousands in commission each week, and bonuses of up to £720,000. Founded ...

Money talks: why is selling out OK now?

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In the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle it In 1992, Kurt Cobain told Rolling Stone: “I don’t blame the average 17-year-o...

Nyjah Huston and skateboarding hit the Olympics – but is the sport selling out?

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He has hosted Justin Bieber at his private skate park and guest-starred opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the TV show Ballers. Now Nyjah Huston is aiming to become an Olympic champion as skateboarding makes its de...

Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling ice-cream in Palestinian territories

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Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream has announced that it will no longer sell its ice-cream in the Palestinian territories, saying the sales in the occupied land are “inconsistent with our values.” The announcement on Monday ...

‘Pregnancy is another selling point’: the rise of the celebrity baby bump reveal

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On Sunday night, Cardi B announced her pregnancy in typically show-stopping fashion: on stage. At the BET awards in Los Angeles, during a performance with her husband, Offset’s band, Migos, the rapper appeared in a rh...

Veloce, reliable broadband … it’s now a key selling point for house hunters

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It used to be that demand for homes centred on the proximity to good schools, or how close they were to a nice restaurant or pub. Adesso, before they sign on the dotted line, homebuyers want to ensure they can download a...

Brexi: Eustice attacks ‘nonsensical’ ban on selling sausages as row with EU over Northern Ireland protocol deepens – live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: minister suggests US might side with UK over the Northern Ireland protocol if issue is brought up at this week’s G7 summit

I negozi US Target interrompono la vendita di carte Pokémon dopo che l'aumento del valore ha provocato minacce al personale

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Il gigante statunitense del commercio al dettaglio Target interromperà la vendita di carte da gioco Pokémon per "abbondanza di cautela" per il suo staff e altri acquirenti. Il valore di rivendita delle carte è aumentato notevolmente durante la pande del coronavirus..

Pandora jewellery brand says it will stop selling mined diamonds

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Pandora has become the first big jeweller to turn its back on mined diamonds, with the switch to lab-grown stones billed as making its jewellery more affordable. On Tuesday the mass-market brand, best known for its ch...

Malta still selling golden passports to rich stay-away ‘residents’

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The Maltese government continues to sell citizenship to multimillionaires who have minimal genuine links to the country, a Guardian undercover investigation has revealed. Rich applicants are signing €1m deals in retur...

Harrods stops selling Ganesha handbag after backlash from Hindus

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Harrods has stopped selling a luxury handbag after the accessory caused offence among the Hindu community. The bag, from the New York label Judith Leiber favoured by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, sculptures the Hindu go...

As a climate activist, I object to the Post Office selling me to Shell Energy

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I am among the 465,000 Post Office home phone and broadband users who have been collectively sold to Shell Energy, and are to become the firm’s customers. As a climate activist, I most definitely do not want to become...

Amazon to stop selling books that frame LGBTQ+ identities as mental illness

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Amazon will no longer sell books that frame gay, lesbian, transgender and other sexual identities as a mental illness. The company made the announcement public in a letter sent to Republican senators who had asked why...