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Boris Johnson, in splendid self-isolation, gives nurses a measly 3% pay rise – cartoon

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Chris Riddell on the prime minister’s refusal to make a better offer to NHS staffYou can buy your own print of this cartoon

Vrydag inligtingsessie: Critical workers can avoid self-isolation

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Hallo, Warren Murray with today’s admixture. There’s a lot of Covid news around this morning, so let’s round that up first. Workers from 16 key sectors including health, transport and energy will not have to isolate ...

Limited number of critical workers to be allowed to avoid self-isolation

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Workers from 16 key services including health, transport and energy will not have to isolate after being pinged by the NHS Covid app, as it was revealed that more than 600,000 people in England and Wales were sent sel...

Self-isolation could stop hundreds voting in Isle of Man elections

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Hundreds face being excluded from elections in the Isle of Man because of a lack of contingency plans for those self-isolating, it was claimed on the eve of polling. Elections are due to take place in a third of the I...

Festivals warn: change self-isolation rules or our staff will just ignore them

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Festival organisers have urged the government to change “untenable” self-isolation rules that they say are already causing staffing problems and could lead to people deleting the NHS Covid-19 tracing app to avoid gett...

Should all contacts of Covid cases go into self-isolation?

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Ministers for the UK government have said the NHS Covid contact tracing app may need to be less sensitive, but is this a good idea when cases are rising so rapidly? Regardless of what is announced on 19 Julie, there wi...

Google search feature gives wrong guidance on UK self-isolation rules

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Google has been sharing incorrect instructions on contact tracing through its Covid-19 “common questions” feature, advising some users that they can stop self-isolating when NHS rules say the opposite. The flaw is the...

UK pushes for fully vaccinated to be exempt from Covid self-isolation

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People who have received both Covid-19 jabs may soon no longer have to self-isolate for 10 days after having come into contact with a person infected with the virus. Die gesondheidsekretaris, Matt Hancock, is said to be p...

Boost self-isolation payments or risk Covid resurgence, experts say

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Payments to allow people with Covid symptoms to self-isolate need to be increased sharply or a return to normal life could lead to a resurgence in infections and deaths, ministers are being warned. Two leading thinkta...