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Ed Sheeran self-isolates after testing positive for Covid-19

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Ed Sheeran has announced on his Instagram page that he has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating. In the post he said: “It means that I’m now unable to plough ahead with any in-person commitments for now,...

Putin self-isolates after coronavirus found in entourage

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Vladimir Putin has gone into self-isolation because of an outbreak of coronavirus in his entourage, the Kremlin has announced. Although the Russian president was not sick, a Kremlin spokesperson told journalists, he w...

Nicola Sturgeon self-isolates after close contact with Covid case

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Nicola Sturgeon is self-isolating after being identified as a close contact of someone who has Covid-19. Scotland’s first minister said she will be self-isolating pending a PCR test result. Under coronavirus rules in ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: England lockdown measures lift as Johnson self-isolates; record new cases in Thailand

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England’s remaining restrictions lifted from midnight; Thailand confirms record new infections for fourth consecutive day; lockdown extended in Australian state of Victoria