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US national parks are overcrowded. Some think ‘selfie stations’ will help

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Arches national park had to close its gate more than 120 times this summer alone when parking lots filled up, creating a safety hazard for emergency vehicles. Yellowstone national park reached 1 million visitors in Ju...

Selfie review – droll Gallic eye on slaves to the algorithm

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As ever-evolving technologies produce instant gratifications and fresh horrors, Selfie sees modern life as a tragicomic minefield fraught with absurdities. This French anthology film delivers biting social critique wi...

‘The fakery is all part of the fun– the hoax of the mirror selfie

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An influencer has claimed that the popular social media pose is a form of visual trickery. But why would you bother, when it’s so easy to do by yourself? And does it matter if it’s fake or not?Even if the phrase “mirr...