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Capitol attack select committee begins first hearing – US politics live

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Capitol attack select committee to hold first hearing – US politics live

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Euro 2020: our writers select their highs and lows from the tournament

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Ed Aarons It was going to take something to beat Spain’s thrilling 5-3 victory over Croatia after extra-time but the sequel on a crazy Monday evening was even better. Paul Pogba’s elaborate celebration having scoring ...

Capitol attack: what Pelosi’s select committee is likely to investigate

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Nancy Pelosi’s creation of a House select committee to investigate the 6 January insurrection reopens the possibility of a comprehensive inquiry into myriad security failures and the causes of the deadly attack on Con...

Nancy Pelosi signals hard line on formation of 6 January select committee

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Nancy Pelosi is poised to take a hard line should Republicans try to derail her recently announced select committee into the 6 January Capitol attack and she may appoint its members at her sole discretion, de acuerdo a...