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Home Office hotels for asylum seekers ‘akin to detention centres’ – report

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Conditions in hotels used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers during the pandemic are akin to detention centres, according to a report that also says accommodation is often sub-standard and sometimes unsa...

Shameful treatment of asylum seekers

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What will the verdict of history be on a country that turns its back so flagrantly upon human rights in general and the right to seek asylum through any available means in particular (Priti Patel to send boats carryin...

Pide que los solicitantes de asilo sean liberados de la detención después de que el guardia de Melbourne dé positivo por Covid

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Los defensores de los solicitantes de asilo están pidiendo que las personas detenidas por inmigrantes sean liberadas en la comunidad después de que los funcionarios de salud de Victoria revelaran que un guardia en una instalación en Melbourne había dado positivo por Covid..

Labour councils house eight times as many asylum seekers as Tory areas, analysis finds

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There are eight times as many refugees and asylum seekers living in Labour-run parts of Britain as in Conservative areas, analysis by the Guardian has shown, amid growing pressure on ministers to fix the “completely i...

Controversial Napier barracks in line to house asylum seekers until 2025

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The Home Office is planning to use a controversial military barracks in Kent to house asylum seekers for four years longer than originally planned, it has been confirmed. Officials began using the dilapidated Napier b...

MPs decry ‘shocking conditions’ at facilities for asylum seekers

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MPs have raised serious concerns about “shocking conditions” they found in Kent holding facilities for asylum seekers, including an unaccompanied child housed in an office space for 10 dias, and a girl forced to sleep...

Charities raise alarm over suicides of young asylum seekers in UK

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Dozens of charities have called on UK government ministers to make sweeping changes to support young asylum seekers and refugees after up to a dozen were identified to have taken their own lives. Forty-six different c...

Asylum seeker’s death at hotel near Heathrow sparks police inquiry

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Police are investigating after a young Sudanese asylum seeker was found dead in the early hours of Sunday in a hotel near Heathrow airport. The man, understood to be 24 years old and to have been in the UK for four mo...

EU border agency ‘has failed to protect asylum seekers’ rights’

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The EU border agency has failed to protect the human rights of asylum seekers, according to a damning European parliament report on the organisation. After a four-month investigation by MEPs the report’s author, Tinek...

Napier Barracks staff feared asylum seekers might die from Covid

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Staff at Home Office barracks accommodation feared that some asylum seekers placed there might die during the mass Covid outbreak earlier this year, el guardián ha aprendido. Meeting notes released following a freedom...

Home Office ‘acting unlawfully’ in rush to deport asylum seekers

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Hundreds of people arriving in England in small boats are being immediately detained in immigration removal centres, raising fears of a new, secret Home Office policy to deport them without their asylum claims being p...

Priti Patel to reveal proposals for offshore centres for asylum seekers

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Ministers are to reveal proposals for a suite of new laws paving the way for offshore centres for asylum seekers and criminal charges for migrants “knowingly” arriving in the UK without permission. The nationality and...

Propuestas del Ministerio del Interior sobre el envío de solicitantes de asilo al extranjero

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El secretario de interior, Priti Patel, publicará la legislación propuesta la próxima semana que abrirá la puerta al envío de solicitantes de asilo al extranjero mientras esperan el resultado de su solicitud de protección en el Reino Unido. Ministro...

Hija de solicitantes de asilo de Biloela evacuados de la Isla de Navidad para recibir atención médica urgente

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La hija menor de la familia Tamil de Biloela que ha estado detenida por más de 18 meses en Christmas Island ha sido evacuado a Perth para recibir atención médica de emergencia, los defensores han dicho. Tharnica Murugapp ...

US immigration: humanitarian groups tasked with picking asylum seekers

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The Biden administration has quietly tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed to stay in the US, instead of being rapidly expelled from the country under federal pandemic-relat...

Denmark passes law to let it relocate asylum seekers outside Europe

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Denmark’s parliament has passed a law that will enabe the country to relocate asylum seekers to countries outside Europe, in defiance of calls from the UN and NGOs to abandon the plan for fear it will erode refugees’ ...

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