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Australian company secures $700,000 deal for carbon capture and storage machine

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A solar-powered and tent-sized Australian prototype machine that can suck CO2 from the air has secured a $700,000 contract to capture and store carbon. L'affare, part of a project backed by corporates including the ow...

I laburisti si assicurano il governo di maggioranza nonostante il record di voti da parte di partiti non di maggioranza e pareggio incrociato

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Il lavoro sotto Anthony Albanese governerà in maggioranza almeno con 76 seggi alla Camera dei rappresentanti nonostante un record di voti da parte di partiti non di maggioranza e panca incrociata. L'analista elettorale della ABC Antony Green lunedì sera ...

PM’s father Stanley Johnson ‘secures French citizenship’

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The prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has secured French citizenship, according to reports. French officials reportedly told the AFP news agency that Johnson, 81, whose mother was French, obtained French natio...

Elon Musk secures $7bn in outside funding for Twitter takeover

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Elon Musk has secured $7.14bn (£ 5,7 miliardi) in funding for his $44bn takeover of Twitter from a group of investors that includes the Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, the crypto exchange Binance, and the asset management fi...

Serbia ‘sliding towards autocracy’ as president secures second term

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Democracy watchdogs and civil society activists in Serbia have warned that the country is sliding towards autocracy under President Aleksandar Vučić, who was elected for a second term this month with a large majority....

Bristol community secures funding to build tallest wind turbine in England

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A community group in one of the poorest parts of Bristol has met its funding target to build the tallest wind turbine in England, despite a lack of any central government funding for locally owned wind power generatio...

Late try from Ffion Lewis secures thrilling victory for Wales over Scotland

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Wales’s decision to give their top dozen women professional contracts at the turn of the year is already bearing fruit. After their rousing comeback victory in Dublin last weekend Siwan Lillicrap’s rejuvenated side mo...

New Zealand Covid update: Ardern secures 250,000 Pfizer doses from Spain as 13 new cases recorded

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Daily cases in New Zealand’s coronavirus outbreak have continued to fall, with just 13 new infections recorded on Thursday, the sixth day in a row that numbers have been below 21. The downward trend is an encouraging ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: North Korea rejects Covax offer; Australia secures vaccine swap with UK

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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has ordered officials to fight Covid in ‘our style’ while Australia’s Scott Morrison says he has secured an extra 4m vaccine doses from Britain