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‘Digital tools can be truly transformative’: how the cloud is changing public sector working

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A mobile app that notifies managers at the Post Office of customer issues across its 11,500 UK stores; an intelligent platform that means firefighters can plan and respond to calls faster in San Diego; and the officia...

‘Public sector workers face antiquated processes’: how cloud migration can improve the workplace experience

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Digital technology is starting to have a transformational effect on public services. From cloud-based payroll systems for managing wages and holidays to computer programs taking over repetitive admin tasks, public sec...

A tough year ahead for public sector wages

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The forthcoming economic crisis analysed by the Resolution Foundation (UK households warned of ‘year of the squeeze’ as cost of living soars, 29 diciembre) is partly based on a view that wage growth is stagnant. This i...

Spain’s public sector trailblazers seek to lead way on menstrual leave

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A handful of local administrations in Spain have become among the first in western Europe to offer menstrual leave to their employees, in an attempt to strike a better balance between workplace demands and period pain...

Reminded of the gap: why men still get paid more in UK public sector

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It is clear that the public sector pay gap reported to government remains stubbornly high, a 15.5% versus 9% in the private sector. So where within public services is this happening, and why? En 2018, the first year ...

China’s indebted property sector highlights a fading economic revival

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China’s economy has become heavily dependent on property development over the last decade. High-rise apartments have mushroomed across hundreds of cities to house a growing white-collar workforce, while glass and stee...

La interrupción de las operaciones para el desarrollador chino Kaisa aviva nuevos nervios en el sector inmobiliario

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La negociación de acciones del asediado desarrollador chino Kaisa Group Holdings ha sido suspendida en la bolsa de valores de Hong Kong., despertando nuevos nervios sobre la estabilidad financiera del enorme sector inmobiliario del país ....

UK construction sector gathers speed as shortages ease; German factory orders tumble – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras, as the UK’s growth outlook is marred by Omicron

La COP26 podría marcar un hito en la ecologización del sector financiero

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La reciente Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (Cop26) en Glasgow fue, parece, un éxito histórico. Tenemos esto en una autoridad no menor que la del primer ministro del Reino Unido., Boris Johnson, quien resultó ser el m ...

El sector energético del Reino Unido debe volver a ser de propiedad pública lo antes posible.

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La noticia a principios de esta semana de que Bulb Energy entrará en administración especial es el último episodio en un período de tensión financiera sin precedentes en el sector energético del Reino Unido.. Como el otro 22 proveedores de energía que tienen ...

UK service sector rebounds as workers quit for higher wages; house prices keep rising – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Every sector failing to move fast enough on climate

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Buenos dias. Every sector is failing to move quickly enough to make the “transformational change” needed to keep global heating below 1.5C beyond pre-industrial times, a critical target of the Paris climate agreement...

UK public sector workers: how do you feel about the pay freeze being lifted?

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Millions of public sector workers will have their pay freeze lifted as the chancellor prepares to make an announcement during the autumn budget on Wednesday. We would like to hear what you think about the change and h...

Ofgem debe demostrar que está despierto mientras el sector energético se enfrenta a una pesadilla invernal

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“Estamos en peligro de simplemente caminar dormidos hacia una masacre absoluta,”Keith Anderson, el director ejecutivo de Scottish Power, dijo dramáticamente esta semana, refiriéndose al número de proveedores de energía que podrían quebrar antes..

UK manufacturers plead for more state funds to boost sector

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Five of the UK’s leading manufacturing industries have issued a plea for more government financial support to boost capital investment in research and development as well as new factories and equipment with lower carb...

Free flights and $1,000 vouchers: Australian hospitality sector lures UK workers

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Chelsee Whitehead has worked in the hospitality industry since she left high school four years ago. Before Covid-19, she always thought her industry was secure. “I picked hospitality because I thought it was an indust...

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