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Train smashes into crashed plane seconds after pilot is rescued – video

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Police in Los Angeles pulled a pilot from a plane that had crashed on to rail tracks near Whiteman airport in Pacoima just moments before it was hit by an incoming train.Video showed the train ramming into the wreckag...

Seconds before a 6.2 earthquake rattled California, phones got a vital warning

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In the moments before a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the northern California coast on Monday, roughly half a million phones began to buzz. An early-alert system managed by the US Geological Survey sent warnings out...

Dina Asher-Smith: ‘You get 10 seconds to make your mark’

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Around 9am local time, this coming Friday, Dina Asher-Smith will crouch on a starting line in Tokyo, ready for her first race of the Olympic Games. Nose this close to the ground, hugger-mugger with the other athletes,...

Will 29 seconds of the Madrid derby prove the most important this season?

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In the Bumper Book of Things You Just Knew Would Happen, this was Chapter One and the less time there was for it to happen, the more you knew it would; the more they knew it could too, which might be part of the reaso...