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Sebastian Kurz to quit as Austrian chancellor due to corruption inquiry

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The Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said on Saturday that he plans to step down in an effort to defuse a government crisis triggered by prosecutors’ announcement that he is a target of a corruption investigation....

Sebastian Faulks on Human Traces: ‘I had no idea I would turn out to be 3% Neanderthal’

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I was about 50 when I wrote Human Traces or “The Footsteps on Mount Low”, as it was originally called. It came out in 2005. In the bright glow of hindsight it seems to be the book of someone who, at the middle point o...

Lewis Hamilton backs Sebastian Vettel after F1 reprimand for ‘same love’ T-shirt

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Lewis Hamilton has taken aim at Formula One’s ruling body, severely criticising its decision to reprimand Sebastian Vettel for wearing a T-shirt in support of the LGBTQ+ community before the Hungarian Grand Prix. los ...

Sebastian Larsson keeps on running – for himself and his teammates

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There was a moment towards the end of Sweden’s draw against Spain on Monday when Sebastian Larsson got the ball near his own penalty area. As throughout the game he was immediately put under pressure. The options were...

‘I almost died last summer’: Sebastian Junger on life, death and his new book Freedom

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“I almost died last summer,” Sebastian Junger says, sitting on a bench in Tompkins Square Park on the kind of May day in New York that makes you glad to be simply alive. “I had an undiagnosed aneurysm in my pancreati...

Sebastian Vettel: ‘As long as I still feel that will to compete, I will be here’

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As a four-times Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel surely has nothing left to prove, except it seems to himself. The German has endured a trying time of late but as his career enters a new phase, his passion ...

Sebastian Vettel aims dig at Ferrari during Aston Martin unveiling

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Sebastian Vettel is convinced he can win another Formula One title with his new Aston Martin team. The four-times world champion has also delivered a cutting barb to Ferrari, his former team, by praising the work ethi...