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‘Scandal in plain sight’: charities call for help for Ukrainian seasonal workers

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Lawyers and campaigners have called on the government to take urgent action to help thousands of Ukrainian seasonal farm workers who were in the UK when the war started and have been left at risk of destitution, abuse...

Una celebración estacional de Dorothy Wordsworth

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El raro logro de Dorothy Wordsworth como la otra gran escritora de la familia Wordsworth y una de las primeras ambientalistas (Editorial, 19 diciembre) es el centro de una celebración de un año de su vida en la ciudad donde ella ...

Does Covid-19 follow a similar seasonal pattern to flu?

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It is well known that influenza is seasonal, peaking in the winter in temperate regions and during the wet season in tropical locations. So does Covid-19 follow a similar seasonal pattern? To answer this question scie...

Farmers warn of threat to UK food security due to seasonal worker visa cap

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Farmers have accused the government of failing to listen to their warnings over the future of domestic food production, after concerns ministers would not increase the number of seasonal worker visas next year. La C...

If Covid-19 is a seasonal virus, why is it spreading during the summer?

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There is a paradox at the heart of Sars-Cov-2 transmission that has yet to be fully explored. While it’s firmly established that the virus transmits best in winter, in common with most other respiratory viruses, la U ...

Make the most of seasonal mackerel by smoking it at home – recipe

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Mackerel travels in huge shoals, and when they’re in season, the sea seems to be almost boiling with them. If you’re lucky enough to witness this spectacle off the beach and you happen to have a rod handy, chances are...

Sardinia’s seasonal crimewave of sand thieves

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What irritated the local mayor most was the audacity of the tourists who tried to conceal their crime on the white-sanded Sinis beach along the west coast of Sardinia. On a morning in late July, the visitors – a coupl...

UK retailers report strongest seasonal sales in four years

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British retailers have reported their strongest seasonal sales in more than four years in June, according to the CBI, as the rush back to the high street pushed stock levels to their lowest in 38 años. The easing of...