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‘We left it in God’s hands’: floods wreck Spanish seaside town

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People in the town of Alcanar in north-east Spain have been assessing the damage caused to homes and businesses by flooding produced by intense rain that fell over large areas of the country. Residents said they were ...

Banksy confirms he is behind British seaside ‘spraycation’ artworks

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Banksy has confirmed that he is indeed the author of a number of works that have appeared recently in seaside towns on the UK east coast. An Instagram video clip, just over three minutes long called “A Great British S...

Imagination is key to the revival of Britain’s seaside towns

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A couple dance on top of a bus shelter to the music of a nearby accordion player. Children play in a boat, on a wall in a Lowestoft park. And by the beach huts in Cromer, a hermit crab with a placard reading, “Luxury ...

Our seaside towns are worth saving

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Will Hutton is right to deplore the decline of coastal communities (“There is a way to save our coastal resorts… welcome to Zoomtown-on -Sea”, Comment). Ja, our buildings are in dire need of renovation, but more cru...

The best of British seaside festivals and events for 2021: readers’ tips

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The annual programme here takes place across the picturesque backdrops of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, which have a growing cultural scene. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the wide range of art, musi...

10 of the UK’s best seaside festivals and summer beach parties

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At Boardmasters, days can be spent watching the country’s top pro surfers do their thing in the UK’s biggest surf competition, the Boardmasters Open, and noodling around the art installations, workshops, skate and BMX...

10 of Britain’s prettiest seaside villages

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A jumble of red-roofed cottages open on to a wide stretch of beach at Runswick, an under-the-radar gem. Rock pools, fossil hunting and acres of sand make it a great choice for families, and walkers can follow the Clev...

Cheesy beignets, ice-cream sandwiches, cod with curry sauce: Yotam Ottolenghi’s seaside treat recipes

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O, I do like to be beside the seaside! How true this is. I’ve lived in the UK for a long time but, for me, the joy of going to the seaside will always be about sitting on the beach, beside the sea, rather than having...

Eastbourne’s arty new hotel marks it out as a seaside town on the up

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The airy restaurant-cum-reception of Eastbourne’s newest hotel, Port, has blush pink walls hung with local art above mid-century modern furniture, and is filled with the clatter of sharing plates being passed around. ...

Great Yarmouth: mixing Victorian seaside charm with a renewable outlook

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If Brexit gave Britain’s seaside towns a momentary pulse, then Covid might have got them back on the dancefloor. These long-dormant resorts have seemingly risen up, like tacky krakens, ready to swallow the entire UK t...

Rothesay’s decline as a seaside resort is not unique, but its beauty most certainly is

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The Glenburn Hotel in Rothesay, on the island of Bute, has one of the finest views in Britain; quite possibly the loveliest afforded from any of our big seaside hotels. The Grand in Scarborough, the other Grand in Bri...

Where is everyone? Covid and Brexit empty the Normandy seaside

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With the approach of the summer holidays, the two French seaside towns of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and Le Crotoy would normally be gearing up for the annual wave of tourists from neighbouring Belgium and, above all, heen ...

Brighton-resensie - Steven Berkoff se gedateerde kus-satire is 'n uitwas

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Die onderwerp van hierdie vierhandiger langs die see is die veranderende gesig van Britseheid. Maar Stephen Cookson se film, aangepas uit Steven Berkoff’s 1994 speel Brighton Beach Scumbags, is versierd in 'n vreemde kulturele niemands.

Staycation boom forces tenants out of seaside resort homes

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The lockdown shackles are off. The great half-term getaway began with predictable traffic chaos on Friday night as Britons finally got the chance to escape to the seaside. But some people living in the resorts are bei...

The North Yorkshire seaside resorts during lockdowna photo essay

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Yorkshire’s coastal resorts have always been a mix of pleasure beach, fishing port, working heritage and rugged beauty. They bring back happy memories of my childhood family holidays, but over the last few years they ...

10 best UK Britain seaside beach coast hotels

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Dip down at Babbacombe on the South West Coast Path and you reach a small cove surrounded by red cliffs. Nearby Kents Cavern caves show that this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Cary Arms is a more re...