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Indonesia continues search for missing submarine carrying 53 gente

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Hope is fading for the 53 crew members on a missing Indonesian submarine, as the search for the vessel continues off the coast of Bali. The Indonesian navy has revealed that an oil spill at sea was spotted near the ea...

La policía de Japón busca a la británica Alice Hodgkinson desaparecida

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Police in Japan are searching for a British woman who has not been seen for almost a week, con su familia describiendo su desaparición como "completamente fuera de lugar". Alice Hodgkinson, 28, was reported missing afte...

Bernadette Walker: search for missing teenager remains unresolved

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En 7 septiembre 2020, Scott Walker posted a plea on Facebook for his daughter, 17-year-old Bernadette, to come home. She had been missing since 18 July after apparently jumping out of his car and running away when he p...

An open tent and an empty bed: desperate search for missing four-year-old Cleo Smith

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It was a warm, unremarkable Friday when just around dusk Ellie Smith and her partner, Jake Gliddon, pitched the family tent at a remote campsite on Western Australia’s rugged Coral Coast. They chose the wild beach cam...