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What party is ScoMo in? What is a corflute? Who should I vote for and who will win? The top Google searches of the Australian election

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With just over a week until polling day in the federal election, people are still searching Google for the answer to questions such as “which party is ScoMo in?” and “who should I vote for?". In week five of the campa...

FBI searches home of Texas Democrat in Azerbaijan investigation

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Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas has had his home and campaign office raided this week as apart of a federal investigation into Azerbaijan and US businessmen who may have ties to the country, according to senior off...

Escape to the country? The top 10 UK property searches in 2021

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It was the year that millions of urban dwellers plotted – or daydreamed about – a move to a more isolated location, with a small Scottish island, remote Cumbrian villages and the Isle of Man all featuring in a list of...

Vaccine: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year follows 1,048% rise in searches

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From questions over mandates to concerns over global distribution, “vaccine” has been the clear word of the year, according to dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster. The choice of word of 2021 was a seemingly obvious ...

Almost Liverpool 8 review – portrait of a postcode searches for the Toxteth spirit

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As a community organiser says at the start of this documentary, the name Toxteth – apparently hardly used in the area pre-1981 – has become synonymous with riots. Directors Daniel Draper and Allan Melia set out to sho...

Synagogues and Jewish venues urged to avoid racial profiling in security searches

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Security guards at synagogues and other Jewish venues should search the bags of all visitors in order to avoid racial profiling, says a report on racial inclusivity in the Jewish community. Jews of colour described be...