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Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture washed into sea by Japan storm

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Experts are determining whether it is possible to reconstruct one of Japan’s most recognisable works of modern art after it was badly damaged during a recent tropical storm. The sculpture, a giant black and yellow pol...

New York sculpture Vessel faces calls for closure after fourth jump death

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The Hudson Yards development in midtown Manhattan is facing calls to dismantle the Vessel, its huge sculptural centrepiece, after a fourth person in less than two years jumped from the 150ft structure. A 14-year-old ...

Rocket from the crypt! Phyllida Barlow on her Highgate cemetery sculpture

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Na 18 months of lying low, Phyllida Barlow is at large again. The artist’s hangar-like studio on a south London industrial estate is a yawning void, while on the other side of city, and across the sea in Germany, a ...

G7 leaders depicted in Mount Recyclemore e-waste sculpture

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The seven giant faces loom above the dunes, gazing sombrely over swathes of bright sea thrift towards the ocean. Even before the G7 had sat down to begin their Cornish summit, Mount Recyclemore, a sculpture made of di...

Sculpture of Dame Vera Lynn planned for cliffs of Dover

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Dame Vera Lynn will be commemorated with a memorial sculpture on the white cliffs of Dover, the site referenced in one of her most famous wartime songs. Lynn, who died last year aged 103, helped to raise morale among ...