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Rust script supervisor recalls moment of Alec Baldwin film shooting – video

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Mamie Mitchell has said she relives the sound of the gun going off on the set of Rust 'over and over again'. Mitchell, who was the first to call 911 after the shooting, has filed a lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and the...

Rust script supervisor sues Alec Baldwin and producers over shooting

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Alec Baldwin and other producers on the movie Rust are facing a new lawsuit over the fatal shooting on the western’s set in New Mexico last month. The film’s script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, filed the lawsuit on Wed...

Australian politics live: 12 Covid deaths overnight; Victoria records 1,903 casi, NSW 265; Barnaby Joyce says Nationals ‘not chained to a script’ on net zero

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Victoria and NSW release Covid numbers; Icac hearings begin into Gladys Berejiklian; Barnaby Joyce ‘hopes’ climate won’t split the Coalition – follow the latest updates live

Sci-fi script and a cage-shaped mosque: Islamic art gets subversive

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Words have had outsize importance in Muslim culture since the beginning. The Qur’an, which literally means “recitation”, was of course revered as the word of God. Ma, crucially, images of human beings and animals wer...

My experience as a trans person doesn’t fit the script, but why should it?

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For the longest time, I was convinced I couldn’t be really transgender. I knew that living as a woman made me want to climb out of my own skin, but I also understood that my story bore little resemblance to how trans ...

Flip the script: how Here Today defies the grim fate for screenwriters on film

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John August, who has written several Tim Burton films including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, had harsh words for anyone thinking of putting a screenwriter at the centre of their script: “It shouldn’t be a surpri...

They Are Us movie script ‘worse than livestream’ of Christchurch attack, say victims’ families

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The leaked draft script of a controversial film depicting the Christchurch mosque shooting has been described as “worse than the livestream” by those who lost family members in the attack. The proposed film, They Are ...

Black Medicine review – crime drama left flatlining by a botched script

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A car slowly winds its way to the rooftop of a dimly lit multi-storey car, where the blonde driver steps out into the open air. The mood is sombre and eerie, as she gazes over a nocturnal cityscape. Only one thought i...

'Una guerra al mio corpo': Il valedictorian del Texas esce dal copione per la nuova legge sull'aborto – video

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Il giorno della sua laurea, la valedictorian texana Paxton Smith ha buttato fuori il suo discorso pre-approvato e ha deciso di usare la sua piattaforma per condannare il nuovo divieto estremo di aborto nello stato. ...

Milkshake consent video earlier script referred to ‘modern progressive’ 1950s

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Scripts of earlier versions of the controversial video series commissioned by the federal government included a bizarre reference to the 1950s as a “modern progressive society” and used the example of “borrowing leggi...