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Ark on Scottish hillside attracts rising tide of interest

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When Argyll and Bute council’s planning department asked David Blair if the huge wooden ark he had raised on a hillside overlooking the Kyles of Bute was a permanent structure, he did not think long about his answer. ...

Scottish Covid vaccine trialists ‘treated like second-class citizens’

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Scottish vaccine volunteers are being treated like “second-class citizens” while waiting for the Novavax jab to be approved, an MSP has said, as they continue a months-long fightto have their vaccines recognised on th...

Troops drafted in to help out Scottish ambulance service

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Soldiers will be drafted in to drive Scottish ambulances, the head of the ambulance service has confirmed, after reports of a succession of harrowing cases where patients have endured lengthy waits. The Scottish ambul...

Scottish watchdog looks into Russian donation to Prince Charles charity

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Scotland’s charity regulator has announced an investigation following claims that a six-figure sum from a wealthy Russian donor was accepted by Prince Charles’s charitable foundation before being rejected by its ethic...

Scottish parliament approves plans for vaccine passports

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The Scottish parliament has approved plans for vaccine passports, which will come into force from 1 October for those seeking entry to nightclubs and large-scale events, despite fierce criticism from opposition partie...

Scottish campaigners condemn Cop26 as ‘the most exclusionary ever’

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Scotland-based climate campaigners have condemned “the most exclusionary Cop ever”, as they reveal a waiting list of nearly 2,000 delegates and activists who were still seeking affordable accommodation for November’s ...

Nicola Sturgeon starts work on a new push for Scottish independence

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Nicola Sturgeon has told civil servants to start making a new case for independence, which offers people “an informed choice on Scotland’s future” in the Scottish government’s first legislative programme since last mo...

Rangers v Celtic: Scottish Premiership – live!

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Scottish Green membership backs power-sharing deal with SNP

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Members of the Scottish Greens have backed an agreement for the party to join the Holyrood government alongside the Scottish National party (SNP). Party members voted to support the deal to enter government at Saturda...

Scottish independence vote depends on sustained support, says UK minister

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The UK government could approve a second Scottish independence referendum if support for staging one stays above 60% for a sustained period, Alister Jack, the Scotland secretary, has said. Jack said consistent support...

Scottish court drops extradition case of Catalan independence campaigner

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An extradition case against a Catalan academic and independence campaigner, Clara Ponsatí, has been dropped by a Scottish court after she moved to Belgium. A sheriff in Edinburgh halted an extradition request from the...

Former Scottish Greens leader criticises ‘disappointing’ agreement with SNP

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A former leader of the Scottish Greens has attacked the deal the party struck with Nicola Sturgeon’s government for failing to take tougher action on North Sea oil, marine protection and taxation. Robin Harper, the co...

Scottish charity urges Raab to help evacuate two Afghan aid workers

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The foreign secretary has been urged to help evacuate two Afghan aid workers employed by a Scottish charity set up in the memory of the kidnapped aid worker Linda Norgrove. Norgrove was killed during an attempted resc...

A Scottish Green-SNP alliance could transform the country, and the climate

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No one gets into politics to be in opposition for ever, especially people in a hurry. And the Greens have every reason to hurry. We believe other parties have neither the ideas nor the resolve to handle the interlocki...

Scottish minister’s wife pursues legal action against Dundee nursery

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Court action is proceeding against a Dundee nursery over claims it discriminated against the wife and daughter of the Scottish government’s health secretary. Humza Yousaf, who is Muslim, and his wife, Nadia El-Nakla, ...

Sturgeon urges Raab to assist Scottish Sikh man allegedly tortured in India

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Nicola Sturgeon has written to the embattled foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, urging him to intervene in the case of a Scottish Sikh man who has been imprisoned in India for nearly four years awaiting trial, and is fa...

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