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Macron het nog nie 'n oproep van die Australiese Scott Morrison ontvang nie

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Die Franse president Emmanuel Macron het nog nie 'n oproep van Scott Morrison ontvang nie, te midde van voortdurende woede in Parys oor die afgebroke duikbootooreenkoms. Morrison, die Australiese premier, het gesê hy hoop om met Macron te praat ...

Betogers in Melbourne 'moet hulle skaam' ná 'n opstand by Shrine of Remembrance, Scott Morrison sê

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Scott Morrison en Josh Frydenberg het betogers wat betrokke was by Woensdag se gespanne stryd teen die polisie by Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance, gekap, verklaar hul optrede 'walglik'. Terwyl die assistent Woensdag ...

Christian Porter takes ‘appropriate action’ by quitting as minister, Scott Morrison sê

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Christian Porter has resigned as a minister in Scott Morrison’s cabinet after he was unable to disclose who donated to a trust fund to help pay his legal fees. The prime minister announced Porter’s decision on Sunday ...

‘That fella down under’: Joe Biden forgets Scott Morrison’s name during historic pact announcement

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Scott Morrison has been called many things, but “that fella down under” may be the one that stays with the Australian prime minister the longest. The blunder came as the US president, Joe Biden, announced a trilateral...

Live nuus van Australië nuus: Scott Morrison praat oor Aukus -duikbootooreenkoms; 70% eerste dosis mylpaal bereik; NSW rekords 1,351 Covidgevalle, Victoria 514

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Paul Keating sluit 'n duikbootooreenkoms aan, waarskuwing van spanning tussen Amerika en China; Daar word 'n verbod op Australiese kernaangedrewe duikbote om die NZ-waters binne te gaan; Victoria rekords 514 nuwe plaaslike Covid -gevalle - volg al die nuus van vandag en C ...

Australia Covid live update: NSW hospitals brace for cases surge, Scott Morrison faces questions over Father’s Day travel exemption

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Gladys Berejiklian under pressure over modelling showing state’s health system to be ‘overwhelmed’ by Covid cases; rapid antigen tests approved for use at home. Follow the latest updates live

Scott Morrison het vrystelling van Covid -toestemming verleen om Sydney te besoek vir Vadersdagnaweek

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Scott Morrison het na Vadersdag na Sydney gereis en Maandag na Canberra teruggekeer nadat hy 'n vrystelling van ACT Health gekry het. Die premier het Saterdag na Sydney gevlieg, voordat u Maandag terugkeer ...

Willard Scott, beloved NBC Today show weatherman, sterf by 87

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Willard Scott, a beloved weatherman who charmed viewers of NBC’s Today show with self-deprecating humor and a cheerful personality, has died. He was 87. His successor on the morning news show, Al Roker, announced that...

Scott Morrison unveils ‘dose swap’ deal with UK to provide extra 4m Pfizer vaccines

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Australia’s vaccine program has received a boost, with a doubling of the number of Pfizer vaccines flowing into the country, after a “dose swap” deal was secured with the UK. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, says t...

Australia’s Covid vaccine challenges have been ‘overcome’, Scott Morrison sê

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The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has declared the government has “overcome” the challenges of the national vaccine program, despite the states crying out for more mRNA vaccine supplies to curb the Delta outbreak te...

Scott Morrison rejects warning of 25,000 deaths if Covid restrictions end with 80% vaccinated

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Scott Morrison has rejected modelling that warns Australia could face 25,000 deaths and 270,000 cases of long Covid if lockdowns and public health restrictions end once 80% of the adult population is vaccinated. Morri...

Scott Morrison tells states they need to honour Covid ‘deal with all Australians’ to reopen

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The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has challenged the states over their resistance to opening up the country once 70% of the adult population is vaccinated, saying Australia can’t “stay in the cave forever”. Amid pus...

Neill Blomkamp: ‘It’s possible Ridley Scott watched Chappie and was like: this guy can’t do Alien’

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For most of us, the early pandemic months were are a time to panic, stay home, panic and make banana bread (while panicking) but for Oscar-nominated writer-director Neill Blomkamp, he saw an opportunity. “I always had...

Gerd Müller was world class but his brilliant legacy is too often forgotten

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Comparisons are odious and nearly always absurdly reductive but here we go anyway. In 2012 Lionel Messi set a new record for goals scored in a calendar year. Let’s not try too hard to be iconoclastic: his tally of 91 ...

Scott Morrison wants a trouble-free Christmas but George Christensen’s Covid misinformation stands in the way

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The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has sought to cast forward the country’s collective imagination to a time close to Christmas, a time when the country’s troubles could be largely behind it. “By the end of this year...

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