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Lyndon Dykes penalty earns Scotland priceless away victory over Austria

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The perfect night for Scotland. Tense, exhausting yet perfect. Victorious in Vienna thanks to Lyndon Dykes’ second winning goal in two games, Steve Clarke’s side seized control of their own destiny in Group F with a m...

Police Scotland admits failings contributing to car crash death

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Police Scotland has admitted its failings “materially contributed” to the death of a woman who lay undiscovered in a crashed car with her partner for three days after the incident was reported to police. The force on ...

Lyndon Dykes taps in to give Scotland narrow win over Moldova

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Scotland will face Austria on Tuesday with hope and belief renewed. A slender yet thoroughly deserved and essential victory over Moldova ensured World Cup qualification remains in sight for Steve Clarke’s side, though...

Scotland proposes Covid vaccine certificates for nightclub entry

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The Scottish government is proposing vaccine certificates for entry to nightclubs and large-scale indoor and outdoor events in an attempt to curb escalating Covid infections before the autumn. Announcing the plans, wh ...

Lady Scotland faces challenge for top Commonwealth role

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Lady Scotland, the secretary general of the Commonwealth, and a long-time target of the Conservative government, faces a challenge for her post from the Kenyan defence minister with the support of the Kenyan president...

Scotland records highest number of daily Covid cases

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Scotland has recorded the highest number of daily Covid cases since the pandemic began, as Nicola Sturgeon issued a plea to the UK vaccines watchdog to reach a decision on vaccination of 12- to 16-year-olds quickly. A ...

Scotland manager Steve Clarke signs contract extension until Euro 2024

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The Scotland manager, Steve Clarke, has signed a contract extension that takes him through to the end of the Euro 2024 campaign. His initial contract was due to expire at the end of this World Cup cycle. “Firstly, Ek ...

Scotland to hold its own coronavirus public inquiry by end of year

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The Scottish government will hold its own public inquiry into the handling of the coronavirus pandemic by the end of the year, after pressure from relatives who lost loved ones to the virus. The announcement came afte...

Face mask use in Scotland could stay through winter, says minister

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A senior Scottish minister has forecast that face coverings will remain in use through the winter, and perhaps for longer, to continue suppressing the Covid-19 virus. John Swinney, Scotland’s minister for Covid strate...

Lorna Miller on Boris Johnson’s trip to Scotland — cartoon

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Borges and Me by Jay Parini review – around Scotland in a Morris Minor

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Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “Borges and I” is typical of the writer. Erudite and elliptical, succinct and self-referential, passionate and puzzling. In just a few closely packed pages, the Argentinian essayist and...

Magnetic north: how moving back to Scotland brought me closer to my family

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“We bought our maisonette in Tulse Hill, Suid-Londen, in 2013 when our daughter Rosa was eight months old. It was an ex-council property with three bedrooms and a small patio, and a lot more spacious than the flats w...

NHS Scotland facing huge pressure in Covid surge, BMA warns

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The Scottish government has days to act to relieve “very high pressure” on healthcare, according to the chair of BMA Scotland, after a second health board flagged acute workforce pressures as a result of rising Covid ...

Cycling at sunset through the epic Isle of Harris, Skotland

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In 2017 my girlfriend Harriet and I spent a lot of our free time travelling around the British Isles looking for the best places to cycle. While at university in London, we often went out exploring on our bikes, insluitend ...

Tough Mudder Scotland cancelled at last minute due to Covid

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Tough Mudder Scotland, which was scheduled for this weekend, has been called off with less than a day’s notice. The obstacle race, in which participants are dunked into an ice bath and wade through a mile of mud, was ...

1,300 Scotland fans who travelled to London later tested positive for Covid

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Byna 1,300 Scotland fans who travelled to London to watch their team play England on 18 June later tested positive for coronavirus, with a total of almost 2,000 football-related cases emerging from Test and Protect ...

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