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Scotland reports first monkeypox case

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Scotland has reported its first case of monkeypox, amid an international outbreak in which infections have been confirmed in at least a dozen countries in recent weeks. Public Health Scotland said the patient was bein...

Former Police Scotland officer hopes ‘torturous’ tribunal win will help women

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A former armed response officer awarded nearly £1m by Police Scotland over victimisation said the past few years had been “torturous” and no amount of compensation could make up for the pain experienced. Rhona Malone ...

Police Scotland pays out nearly £1m to ex-officer over sexism case

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Police Scotland has paid out nearly £1m in compensation to a former firearms officer victimised by “horrific” boys’ club sexism in the force’s elite armed response unit. The force’s chief constable, Iain Livingstone, ...

In Scotland, the SNP still reign supreme – but the Conservatives have fallen from grace

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It shouldn’t be too hard to find a decent post-election shindig in Scotland this weekend – unless, dit is, you’re looking to celebrate with members of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party. In 2016 a Tory tide...

Who rules the waves? In my part of Scotland that’s far from clear

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The war in Ukraine has made the Firth of Clyde busy again. We used to have neighbours – he died, she moved away – who could remember the view from their house when it was filled with shipping during the second world w...

Is Wales following Scotland in a bid for independence?

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Wales – poor, peripheral, reliably Labour voting – does not really figure in the political imaginations of Britain’s chattering class. To the extent that its politics are noticed at all, it is largely through the pris...

Commonwealth rift in Caribbean as re-election of Lady Scotland challenged

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Patricia Scotland’s hopes of being re-elected Commonwealth secretary general are under threat, after Jamaica’s foreign minister, Kamina Johnson-Smith, announced that she was challenging Scotland for the post. The deci...

Women’s Six Nations roundup: France see off Scotland, Ireland earn first win

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A stunning first-half display helped France claim a 28-8 away win over Scotland in the Women’s Six Nations, while Ireland kickstarted their campaign with a 29-8 victory over Italy in Cork. France came into the match i...

An independent Scotland would need a national anthem – but what would it be?

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Of the many things to be worked out were Scotland to become independent, the national anthem is low down on the list. The Corries’ 1960s folk song Flower of Scotland, which has been sung at football and rugby matches ...

Marlie Packer scores hat-trick of tries as England overpower Scotland

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Glorious sunshine ushered in a new era for the Women’s Six Nations but anyone not affiliated with England would have felt a cold shiver after a brutal display from the Red Roses in Edinburgh. Marlie Packer scored thre...

John Carver: ‘I get stick from my mates for referring to the Scotland team as we’

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A planned 30 minutes with John Carver concludes at just short of three hours. Given the subject matters range from Paul Gascoigne to Steve Clarke and so much in between, this is hardly a shock. Take, byvoorbeeld, die ...

Six-try France thrash Scotland to take another step towards grand slam

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France the best team in the world? Maybe not yet, but they will move up to third in the rankings after this, the leading side in the north. And more importantly for the traditionalists, they remain on course for a gra...

Skotland 17-36 Frankryk: Six Nations 2022 – live reaction!

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Antoine Dupont starred for the visitors to bring up a comfortable Six Nations victory at Murrayfield

France wary of Scotland threat as they return to Murrayfield cauldron

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If part of the joy of the Six Nations is the glorious unpredictability of it all, for France there is an uneasy sense of déjà vu about what lies ahead at Murrayfield on Saturday afternoon. Les Bleus lorded it over Sco...

NHS Scotland Covid app rebuked for breaching data privacy laws

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The Scottish government and NHS Scotland have been rebuked for breaching data privacy laws on a Covid vaccine status app downloaded by millions of people. Die Inligtingskommissaris se kantoor, which polices the UK’s ...

Jess Fishlock inspires Wales to victory over error-prone Scotland

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Wales secured a comfortable 3-1 victory against the defending champions Scotland in the opening game of the 2022 Pinatar Cup in Spain. Although Pedro Martínez’s side scored first, the return of familiar defensive fail...

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