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Scientists see a La Niña coming. What does that mean for the dry American south-west?

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The wet winter the American south-west has hoped for as it battles extreme drought and heat is increasingly unlikely to materialize as scientists now predict that a phenomenon known as La Niña will develop for the sec...

Home Office criticised over handling of Sri Lankan scientist’s asylum claim

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A scientist conducting groundbreaking research into renewable energy is facing deportation with his family to Sri Lanka, where he experienced torture, after receiving contradictory information about his case from the ...

Científicos abusados ​​y amenazados por discutir sobre Covid, hallazgos de encuestas globales

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Científicos de todo el mundo han recibido amenazas de muerte y agresión sexual después de hablar con los medios sobre el Covid-19., una encuesta ha revelado. De 321 Científicos preguntados por la revista Nature., 15% dijo que habían recibido d ...

‘The real problem is the repetition of mistakes’: scientists react to Covid inquiry

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The failure to prevent tens of thousands of deaths during Britain’s brutal second wave of Covid infections was a more serious error than the timing of the first lockdown, senior scientists have told the Guardian, afte...

Científicos avivaron el debate sobre los quemadores de leña

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Los científicos ambientales no tienen nada mejor que hacer que asustarnos con historias sobre lo peligrosa que es la naturaleza. (Las estufas de leña "Eco" emiten 750 veces más contaminación que un HGV, estudio muestra, 9 octubre)? Los humanos han estado viviendo ....

Female scientists strike success at the Australian Museum’s 2021 Eureka prizes

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Trailblazing female scientists, black summer bushfire research, a 3D cell printer and a science education program for remote Indigenous students were among those recognised at the Australian Museum’s Eureka prizes on ...

Scientists discover Welsh ‘dragon’ dinosaur – the size of a chicken

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A dinosaur distantly related to Tyrannosaurus rex – but with a body the size of a chicken – that would probably have ruled the roost about 200m years ago has been discovered. The diminutive but fearsome creature, whos...

Noticias en vivo de Covid: scientists warn UK may have worst to come; Israel tightens vaccine passport rules

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Fears the indoor socialising will spread virus in UK; Israel says people only eligible for green pass if they have received a booster jab

UK might not be over the worst, scientists warn, as Covid case numbers stay high

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Britain is heading into winter with the number of Covid cases remaining at a worryingly high level. Al mismo tiempo, the nation’s vaccination programme appears to have stalled. That is the bleak view of leading epide...

Dutch scientists may have solved mystery of why some twins are identical

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The medical mystery of what causes some twins to be born identical may have been solved by scientists in the Netherlands, raising hopes for treatment of congenital disorders that disproportionately afflict them. Ident...

Should scientists run the country?

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How many lives would have been saved in the pandemic if the UK government had truly “followed the science”? The question is unanswerable but hardly academic. We cannot accurately quantify how many lives were lost by t...

Always a bigger fish: Florida scientists seek new angle on shark depredation

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Many anglers lament the one that got away. In Florida, the issue is more often the fish that is caught but is then snatched by a shark before being reeled in. A grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis...

Scientists investigate hundreds of guillemot deaths on UK coastline

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Several hundred seabirds have been found dead along the coasts of north-east England and Scotland, while many have been discovered emaciated. The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), which is investigating the c...

Scientists identify key conditions to set up a creative ‘hot streak’

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Whether it is the director Marta Meszaros, or the artist Jackson Pollock, those in creative careers often experience a particular burst of success. Now researchers have used artificial intelligence to reveal such “hot...

UK scientists win £2.2m Breakthrough prize for DNA reading advances

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Two British researchers have won the most lucrative prize in science for work that dramatically improved the speed and reduced the cost of reading DNA, the molecular instructions for life. Sir Shankar Balasubramanian ...

Los científicos deben estar protegidos del abuso de anti-vacunas

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El Dr. David Bauer informa que el movimiento anti-vacunación está distorsionando sus resultados científicos (Como virólogo, me sorprende que mi trabajo haya sido secuestrado por anti-vacunas., 7 septiembre). Mi equipo de investigación de Covid-19 también es ex ...

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