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Medical schools in England offering new students £10,000 to change university

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Students with places at oversubscribed medical schools in England are being asked to move to a course at a university elsewhere in the country in exchange for £10,000 after a surge in applications was followed by hund...

Schools in England forced to cut support for special needs pupils

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Cash-strapped schools in England have been forced to cut support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (Send) after nearly a third of headteachers said they were forced to slash their budgets last...

Skole in Engeland sukkel om oop te bly te midde van stygende Covid -gevalle

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Skole in Engeland sukkel om oop te bly te midde van die toenemende Covid -infeksiesyfers onder leerlinge, met baie wat voorkomende maatreëls gebruik wat die regering laat vaar het in 'n poging om hul leerlinge in die klas te hou..

Behoeftige skole in Engeland 'kry minder geld na befondsing opknapping'

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Minister word versoek om hul onderwysbefondsingshervormings te onderbreek nadat dit geblyk het dat dit minder geld vir die mees behoeftige skole en meer vir die beter af gelei het., volgens 'n parlementêre verslag. Die r...

Schools in England told: wear masks in class as fears mount of Omicron surge

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All pupils in secondary schools in England should return to wearing masks in classrooms, ministers said last night, as fears grew that the new term could trigger a huge spike in cases of the Omicron variant. The new a...

Boris Johnson tells schools in England to end mask-wearing policy

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Boris Johnson has told schools in England to end the wearing of face masks by pupils, as parents and teachers continued to report infections spreading within schools at a rapid rate. Johnson’s demand to “follow the la...

Schools in England reinstate mask wearing rules as Covid and absenteeism soar

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Schools that ended the requirement for pupils to wear face coverings this month, in line with government guidance, are reinstating it again because of surges in Covid cases. The government rescinded the requirement fo...

Schools in England need more resources to address dangers of porn, teachers say

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Teachers in England say they need more time, training and resources to tackle the dangers of pornography in schools, against a backdrop of increasing incidents of pupils taking and sharing sexual images. Delegates to ...

Shortsighted approach to transforming schools in England

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Gavin Williamson’s ludicrous assertion that there should be a “transformative” moment in education (England’s school catch-up scheme ‘chaotic and confusing’, say headteachers, 7 Maart) translates as he wants to take s...

Repair bill for schools in England doubles to over £11bn, vind opname

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Schools in England face a repair bill of more than £11bn, nearly double some previous estimates, according to a long-awaited national survey completed by the government. The survey confirmed years of complaints by tea...