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The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘A teacher smashed my friend’s nose with a rounders bat’

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When I was eight, I lived in fear of never making a friend. Then I made one, and lived in fear of her finding any other friends. Rosie was in the year below, puckish, quite surreal and completely carefree, which made ...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘I had no idea how pivotal passing the 11-plus would be’

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My most memorable day was the morning I came to primary school knowing I had passed my 11-plus and would be going to grammar school: Harrow County Grammar School for Girls. I knew the 11-plus was important, but had no...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘I staged a play and caused a riot’

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You know those annoying kids who are good at everything? They are athletic, they are musical, they get the lead role in the school play, everyone loves them? Well, I was not one of those kids. I did well academically ...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘Our dog followed us to school – to be greeted by the dogcatcher’

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The dog had followed us to school, a walk of about half a mile. This was not unusual – the dog followed us to school almost every day. Generally, she would sit in the playground for a while before going back home. Som...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘Our teacher broke all the rules and took us for a wild day out’

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My primary school, in the 1950s, was incredibly strict. We lined up when the bell rang for the start of the school day and marched in smartly, swinging our arms. Anyone who swung their arms a little too wildly was sev...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘I hitchhiked 100 miles home from my school for the blind’

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The best day of my school year was always the same: 29 May. It was known as Founder’s Day which, in most schools with such pretensions, meant being forced to dress in your best clothes, sing a hymn in Latin and then l...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘We were told about periods – and I wanted to disappear’

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Let me take you back to south-west London circa 1988. Eddi Reader singing, “It’s got to be-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee perrrrrrrr-fect” on the radio and Margaret Thatcher in No 10 for all eternity. A time when internalised miso...