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Tommy Robinson’s ‘lies’ about Syrian schoolboy forced family to flee, la corte ha detto

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The family of a Syrian schoolboy who was filmed being attacked in a Huddersfield playground had to flee the town after the far-right campaigner Tommy Robinson aired “entirely distorted anti-Muslim” claims about him, un...

Tommy Robinson loses libel case brought by Syrian schoolboy

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Tommy Robinson has lost a libel case brought against him by a Syrian teenager who was filmed being attacked at school. The founder of the English Defence League – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – was sued by...

Schoolboy missing after falling from Tower Bridge into Thames

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A schoolboy is missing after falling off Tower Bridge and into the River Thames in London, his headteacher has said. The year 8 Ark Globe Academy pupil is said to have been travelling with a friend on a bus on Tuesday...

I was a schoolboy chef at Birmingham’s Grand Hotel

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The Grand Hotel is where I met the big bad world. Nel 1979, quando ero 15, a work-experience place led to a part-time job as a commis chef, so I spent weekends as an underling in a huge, sweltering hotel kitchen full o...