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‘It takes too long to get support’: alarm over rising primary school exclusions

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Sam Bates* was excluded from school for the first time when he was five years old. After moving into year 1, he struggled to sit still, became frustrated with staff and pushed chairs over. He was sent home for one day...

New York will reassign 5,000 school police officers

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New York City’s school system is beginning to remove the police from its corridors and classrooms in a move welcomed by advocates as a de-escalation of a system that is often seen as imposing harsh punishments that di...

Chicago public school students return amid bus shortages and safety concerns

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Across the United States, schools are attempting to transition millions of students back to in-person classrooms after more than a year of virtual schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the gigantic shift is stil...

Lakewood review – Naomi Watts school shooting thriller falls short

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As more pandemic-produced movies continue trickling out, we’re able to see that for the majority, they can be easily placed in two separate, if ultimately similar, columns: those that use the empty outside expanse to ...

Two Florida teens held over alleged Columbine-style school shooting plan

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Two students at a Florida middle school were arrested for allegedly plotting to carry out a shooting inspired by the Columbine massacre, in which two teenagers killed 12 students and a teacher in Colorado in 1999. “W...

Drama school Lamda finds ‘serious relations breakdown’ under ex-head

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An investigation into complaints made against the former head of the UK’s oldest drama school has reported a “serious breakdown of relations” between her and some staff “due to weaknesses in communication, leadership ...

‘The trauma stays with me’: ex-pupils of London school tell of ‘toxic and abusive’ environment

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Más que 100 former students at a troubled London academy have published an open letter to its governors, Ofsted and the government alleging a catalogue of serious failings in pastoral care and safeguarding of pupils...

Obispo Sycamore: el entrenador del equipo que engañó a ESPN dice "no somos una escuela"

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El entrenador de un equipo que apareció en ESPN en un juego televisado a nivel nacional ha dicho que su establecimiento no es de hecho una escuela secundaria como afirmó.. El obispo Sycamore fue objeto de un gran escrutinio en los EE. UU. Después de que fueron derrotados..

Revisión de Thalaivii: si Margaret Thatcher fue a la escuela de encanto de rango

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El destinatario de la segunda prohibición de Twitter de mayor perfil en 2021, Kangana Ranaut ha canalizado su nuevo tiempo libre en una película biográfica de J Jayalalithaa., La novia del cine tamil se convirtió en una potencia política regional. (Piensa T ...

"Fui a la escuela borracho en bikini": cómo Sophie Willan convirtió su caótica vida en una comedia dorada

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A principios de este año, Sophie Willan pasó por una extraordinaria racha de altibajos extremos. Ella estaba filmando su comedia de situación Alma no es normal., un proyecto en el que empezó a trabajar hace años, cuando su abuela murió. Ella ha ...

Little somethings to sweeten going back to school

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Schools reopen this week in England, for those who send their children to school (shout out to the home-edders), which means the return of the alarm clock for those who were able to give it a sabbatical over the summe...

Arizona father held after threat to zip-tie school principal over Covid rules

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The father of an Arizona elementary school student was arrested after he and two other men showed up to the campus with zip-tie handcuffs, threatening a “citizen’s arrest” of the school principal over a Covid-19 quara...

It’s September – time to go back to (wine) colegio

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Although January is the touted time for new year’s resolutions, I regard September as a more realistic moment to set yourself new goals – or, in back-to-school mode, simply to acquire a bit more knowledge about a subj...

Was ESPN scammed by a fake high school? The real scandal goes much deeper

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Back when I was a speedy but numb-footed backup striker on the St Ignatius varsity team, media exposure meant the Chicago Tribune occasionally printing our score in their sports pages – major ink for a striving school...

Eight-year-old girl killed at high school football game likely shot by police, authorities say

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Investigators said on Thursday it was likely police fired the shots that killed an eight-year-old girl outside a high school football game near Philadelphia last week. The Delaware county district attorney, Jack Stoll...

As a head in England, I know it’s not just Covid that will make it tough to go back to school

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Like most headteachers I view the formal start back to school with a mixture of optimism and trepidation. There is a realistic hope that, following a mass vaccination programme for adults, school life can begin to loo...

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