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‘The scariest thing’: the children living with long Covid

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Javanese Hailey found her daughter hunched over in pain inside their home in Manassas, Virginia, oor 32 miles south-west of Washington DC. The nine-year-old could barely walk because her stomach hurt so much, Hailey...

‘Scariest place I’ve worked’: social worker recalls stint in Bradford

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Frank Thomson* has been a social worker for more than a decade, but describes a short stint in Bradford council’s child safeguarding team as “without exaggerating, the scariest place I’ve ever worked in”. Hierdie week, t ...

Daisy Quokka: World’s Scariest Animal review – too cute for the competition

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Non-Australian readers may not be familiar with what a quokka is, so it’s worth searching on the internet for images of these incredibly cute, roughly-cat-sized marsupial-rodent mashups that seem, thanks to the random...

NSW Covid -opdatering: state faces ‘scariest period’ as Sydney records 11 nuwe gevalle van Covid

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New South Wales has recorded another 11 locally acquired cases of Covid-19, as premier Gladys Berejiklian warned this is the “scariest period” the state has faced during the pandemic. Victoria also recorded two locall...