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It’s cold and wet, but Scarborough is a beacon of normality for families

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The sky was overcast, a chill wind blew in from the sea, and everyone was wearing coats. But for four-year-old Caitlin and two-year-old Jim, there was little to complain about – they were on a beach and they were buil...

Scarborough hopes to woo millennials with surfing, yoga and dolphins

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Pack away the bucket and spade and roll out the yoga mat. Scarborough is hoping to overhaul its image as a traditional seaside resort by enticing millennials with the promise of surfing, exercise on the beach and dolp...

Scarborough predicts a bumper tourism season (if it can find enough staff)

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The log cabins are gleaming, the tipis look tip-top and the champagne is on ice. Pinewood Park will host its first wedding in 22 months on Saturday as 120 guests descend on the popular glamping site near Scarborough, ...