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Thérèse Coffey branded ‘heartless’ by Labour after saying she is happy with universal credit cut – Politics live news

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: work and pensions secretary branded ‘heartless’ by Labour after saying she is happy with universal credit cut

Why are all the electricity suppliers saying ‘no’ to installing a meter?

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Six months ago I bought a house in north Norfolk from a hotel. It had previously been a holiday home and the electricity supply had come via the hotel. Although new separate wiring has been put in place, I can’t get a...

When power thrives on unspoken fear, bravery is in saying ‘I am afraid’

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Most of us aren’t brave. We wouldn’t protest in the streets of Kabul as armed and triumphant clerical reactionaries fingered their guns. I am hardly breaking news when I say that fear makes us keep our heads down and ...

Afghan refugee sues Australian government, saying detention prevents him saving his family from Taliban

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An Afghan refugee and former member of a government security agency who assisted coalition forces, has taken the Australian government to court seeking to be released after eight years in detention so he can organise ...

Jeremy Clarkson criticises Covid scientists, saying ‘if you die, you die’

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It is a long list that includes travellers, cyclists, animal rights activists, lorry drivers, George Michael and Liverpool. Now Jeremy Clarkson has opened himself up to more anger after he criticised “those communists...

UK rejects EU’s Northern Ireland moves, saying Brexit deal must be renegotiated

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Boris Johnson has rejected Brussels’ latest attempt to iron out problems with the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, insisting that the withdrawal agreement signed last year must be renegotiated. A series...

Notizie dal vivo su Covid nel Regno Unito: BMA calls for ‘urgent rethink’ of unlocking policy, saying it is allowing virus to ‘let rip’

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‘The government’s current public infection control strategy is not working, it is leading to rocketing case numbers,’ says BMA chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul

Sajid Javid posts message saying he has tested positive for Covid – video

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The health secretary for England, Sajid Javid, has announced in a video on Twitter that he has tested positive for coronavirus and has mild symptoms. In a video, Javid said: “This morning I tested positive for Covid. ...

‘We kept getting people saying: excuse me, you don’t look gay’ – how Black people fought for a space at Pride

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In the early 1990s, Pride marches in London looked dramatically different from the Pride we know now. Rather than spilling into every crevice of the city, with corporate floats and sponsored stages, the event was a pr...

South Carolina court blocks executions, saying inmates must have choice of firing squad

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South Carolina’s supreme court has blocked the planned executions of two inmates by electrocution, saying they cannot be put to death until they truly have the choice of the firing squad option set out in the state’s ...

Jacinda Ardern criticises new biography, saying author misled her

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Jacinda Ardern has distanced herself from a recently released biography documenting her leadership style, less than a week after joining widespread criticism of a film that focuses on her role leading New Zealand duri...

Julian Barnes on The Sense of an Ending: ‘I learned to do more by saying less’

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I published The Sense of an Ending in 2011, quando ero 65. My previous novel had come out six years before, and was the longest I had written. This was to be my shortest. Various things change you as a person and a wr...

G7 live news: Boris Johnson chairs summit’s opening meeting, saying world should ‘level up’ after pandemic

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Boris Johnson says G7 must stop inequalities being ‘entrenched’ after Covid

Covid live: Olympics could cause new variant, doctor warns; Facebook to allow posts saying virus ‘man-made’

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Head of Japanese doctors union warns of risk if Games go ahead; Facebook changes policy ‘in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of Covid’

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Facebook to allow posts saying Covid ‘man-made’; Japan pledges ‘safe and secure’ Games

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Facebook changes policy ‘in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of Covid’; Biden orders US intelligence to ‘redouble’ Covid origin probe; Japan promises ‘safe and secure’ Olympic Games

I’m not saying I’m an emotional wreck, but almost anything can reduce me to tears

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Alcuni anni fa, I was on my way to Australia to perform at the Melbourne comedy festival, and was feeling a bit nervous about what Australian audiences were going to make of me. On the plane I decided to try to take ...

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