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‘We’ve earned this’: Hearn savours return of ‘special’ Crucible crowd

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There is not much that leaves Barry Hearn lost for words. But after what the 72-year-old admits has been the most turbulent 12 months of his professional life, the prospect of a sold-out Crucible on 3 May for the crow...

Gordon Elliott savours winning feeling again after returning from suspension

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For the first time since early March, a Gordon Elliott runner walked into a winner’s enclosure at Sligo on Wednesday as the Grand National-winning trainer recorded his first success after being banned from the sport f...

Wayne Pivac savours Wales’s Six Nations title after Scotland’s victory

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The Wales head coach, Wayne Pivac, was left to bask in the glory of a first Six Nations title since taking charge after Scotland’s last-gasp 27-23 victory over France on Friday night. Wales were crowned champions for ...