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Phil Foden saves Manchester City with late winner against Borussia Dortmund

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All’s well that ends well for Manchester City. This was a strangely disjointed performance from England’s champions elect, in which they led through Kevin De Bruyne’s early goal but never truly asserted their class, n...

US teen saves boy’s life more than 800 miles away after seeing crash on TikTok

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An adventurous young off-roading enthusiast in West Virginia was saved by social media recently when a teenager more than 800 miles away noticed he was in need of help. Caden Cotnoir, 13, who lives in Gilmanton, New H...

European roundup: Mbappé saves PSG at the last, Juventus slump to defeat

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Paris Saint-Germain kept themselves in the hunt for a fourth successive Ligue 1 title when Mauro Icardi scored in the dying seconds of stoppage time to secure a dramatic 3-2 home win over St Étienne. Icardi headed hom...

Railway worker saves boy from being run over by train – video

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A railway worker in India sprung into action after a six-year-old boy fell on to the tracks at a train station in Mumbai. The child was with his partially sighted mother and was struggling to get back onto the platfor...


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ボールは永遠のように感じられるもののために空高くぶら下がっていました, 物事がどれほどひどく終わる可能性があるかについて考えるために、世界中で常にバルボラ・クレチコワを提供しています. まだ作っているにもかかわらず 29 木曜日のバックハンドの強制されていないエラー。.

Lewandowski saves Poland as Spain’s Morata misses rebound of redemption

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At the final whistle, Spain were still trying to work out how they had failed to win again, why this keeps happening to them. Even Alvaro Morata scoring the goal he, and they, had so desperately needed was not enough....

'恐れずに': セネガル移民が見知らぬ人をスペインの川で溺死から救う–ビデオ

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72歳の男性がスペイン北部の都市ビルバオのネルビオン川に無意識に陥ったとき, セネガルの移民ムハンマド・ディウフは躊躇しませんでした. ディウフは川に飛び込んだ 15 分は男を維持しました。.


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キリアン・エムバペがついにユーロを照らす夜として、これは請求されました 2020 そして, 彼がこれまで完璧なシュートアウトのフランスの5番目のペナルティを取るためにステップアップしたとき, 彼が見逃す可能性のある考えは軽快に見えた. それからヤン...


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72歳の男性がスペイン北部の都市ビルバオのネルビオン川に無意識に陥ったとき, セネガルの移民ムハンマド・ディウフは躊躇しませんでした. ディウフは川に飛び込んだ 15 分は男を維持しました。.

Boris Johnson saves Christmas again – cartoon

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The ghosts of Christmases past, present and future reflect on a chaotic week for the Tories• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Stones saves England against Hungary on a night of violence at Wembley

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It was a night when violence erupted in the Wembley stands and England felt a rare form of tension run through a disjointed performance. It was impossible to get away from the terrible scenes inside the area that hous...

Lacazette saves Arsenal with last-gasp equaliser to deny Vieira’s Crystal Palace

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If Arsenal needed Patrick Vieira’s managerial credentials ramming home, the message was delivered here. It should have been embossed with three points but Crystal Palace, who had been the better side for more than two...

Holy bikini-clad Batwoman! Archive saves Mexico’s scorned popular films

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From demons, ghosts and vampires to Martians, mad scientists and spurned lovers, the heroes and heroines of 20th-century Mexican popular cinema faced more than their share of enemies. Few foes, しかしながら, have proved qu...

Cristiano Ronaldo saves Manchester United from dismal defeat at Atalanta

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This was the same tired story of Manchester United’s season. A powder-puff rearguard, an errant midfield, an overreliance on Cristiano Ronaldo to somehow pull the result their way. And he did it: yet again. For the th...

‘It’s incredible’: HPV vaccine saves thousands of women from cervical cancer, UK study shows

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The NHS vaccination programme to prevent cervical cancer has so far stopped thousands of women from developing the disease and experiencing pre-cancerous changes to cells, 研究が発見した. In the first proof that th...

Isaac Hayden saves draw for Newcastle at Brighton with Howe in the stands

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Howe do you like that? Before kick‑off Newcastle sank to the bottom of the league because of Norwich’s victory at Brentford; then they fell behind to a penalty by Leandro Trossard. Then came the reaction that must hav...

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