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TV stasera: head to Hawaii for a razor-sharp satire of rich Americans

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School of Rock’s Mike White writes and directs this razor-sharp satire of wealthy American holidaymakers who unwind and then increasingly unravel at a luxury resort in Hawaii. We open with meeting newlyweds Rachel (UN...

Lapsis review – sci-fi satire targets the gig economy

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This sensitive but flawed sci-fi comic dystopia walks the strange new frontier of the modern gig economy that has also been explored by Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You and Nomadland. It takes place, like Boots Riley’s...

The Who Sell Out: still a searing satire on pop’s commercial breakdown

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These days, we think of the period between 1965 e 1967 as one of white-hot musical progress, a dizzying three-year period during which innovation followed innovation, a succession of totemic albums and singles were ...

Auggie review – watchable hi-tech satire doesn’t quite know what to say

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The face of American character actor Richard Kind – melancholy, hangdog, a little dyspeptic – is exactly right for this high-concept midlife satire from director and co-writer Matt Kane. It’s a variation on a familiar...

The Chair review – Sandra Oh is first class in moreish university satire

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For those of us who waited desperately over the increasingly dour Killing Eve for Sandra Oh to be able to show her comic as well as dramatic druthers (and whatever can be said about the essentially emetic Grey’s Anato...

Recensione di Brighton – La satira datata sul mare di Steven Berkoff è un fallimento

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Il soggetto di questo quattro in riva al mare è il volto mutevole della Britishness of. Ma il film di Stephen Cookson, adattato da Steven Berkoff's 1994 gioca a Brighton Beach Scumbags, è abbandonato in una strana cultura di nessuno...

The Man Who Sold His Skin review – art-world satire runs only skin deep

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Here is a muddled caper of movie that doesn’t know what it wants to say; it doesn’t work as a satire of the international art market, nor as a commentary on the racism of white European culture. And its attitude to Sy...