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Samoa’s former PM accuses Jacinda Ardern of plot to replace him with a woman

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The former prime minister of Samoa has accused Jacinda Ardern of being behind the recent political crisis in Samoa, suggesting she had wanted to install a female prime minister. “I am starting to get suspicious maybe ...

‘Women have not been able hold these: Samoa’s first female PM gets down to the job

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The prime minister’s office in Apia, the capital of Samoa, which overlooks the harbour, has just been vacated by the man who held the job for 22 anni. The bookshelves are still empty, but the room is filled with bunc...

Samoa’s political crisis ends and first female prime minister installed after court ruling

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Samoa’s months-long political crisis has been brought to a close and the Pacific nation has its first female prime minister after a ruling of the country’s court of appeal this afternoon. The Samoan court of appeal ru...

Samoa’s democracy in crisis

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For nearly two months, the Polynesian island nation of Samoa has been in the grips of a political crisis after one of the most dramatic elections in the country’s history. After a supreme court intervention, a parliam...

Samoa’s ruling party faces strongest election challenge in 20 anni

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Samoa’s ruling party will face its strongest challenge in 40 years as the small South Pacific country goes to the polls on Friday. Dopo 22 years in the top job, Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi is the second-longes...