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Find out how much your MP earns on top of their salary

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In compliance with the House of Commons code of conduct, MPs are required to register a range of financial interests they may have which are relevant to their parliamentary work. These include outside jobs, consultanc...

‘40% of my salary goes on house costs’: how soaring energy bills hit one Briton

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Joshua Wheeler-Gaunt, 33, is one of a growing number of people worried about rising energy bills and other costs. Asked about the things that have become unaffordable or very pricey for him, Egli ha detto: “Everything! From...

Salary caps, sack boards and share TV money: 10 readers’ ideas to fix football

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The problem begins at the top. Fans need to have the biggest say in how their clubs and their game is run. Investors should be properly vetted by an independent authority. States, people with “unexplained” riches, e...

Christian Porter will return to work on full $370,000 salary despite delegating some duties

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The federal attorney general, Christian Porter, will return to work on his full pay of $370,000 a year, despite delegating some of his duties to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the government has confirmed. A ...

Proposal that Christian Porter can return to ‘full-time salary doing part-time work’ further fuel for fury, Labor says

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Labor has questioned whether Scott Morrison should allow Christian Porter to return to his job as attorney general “on a full-time salary but doing the part-time work”. On the eve of a week of Senate estimates hearing...