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Die briljante Saint-Maximin red punt vir Newcastle teen Leeds

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Soms het dit gelyk asof Allan Saint-Maximin Leeds byna alleen aangeneem het en, vertelend, die stryd was dikwels ver van ongelyk. Sonder hul aanvallende talisman om, weereens, red tot die redding, Nuut ...

Allan Saint-Maximin delivers blazing cameo as Newcastle beat Burnley

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If Newcastle’s season has been defined in part by Allan Saint-Maximin, he might have rescued it in the space of seven minutes. They were dragged into the relegation battle after he contracted coronavirus in November. ...

‘To our real heroes’: Saint-Maximin donates gifts to Newcastle NHS workers

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Allan Saint-Maximin has donated more than 60 care packages to NHS workers on Tyneside. These gifts include luxury confectionary boxes created by French chocolatiers, vouchers for leading high street shops and a note o...