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Gallerist Sadie Coles: ‘I don’t feel that digital will replace the art or objects’

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After studying art history at Middlesex University, Sadie Coles, 59, worked at Bristol’s Arnolfini, then at the Anthony d’Offay gallery where she specialised in the younger artists including Sarah Lucas and Grayson Pe...

Sadie review – lockdown Belfast drama is hilarious and harrowing

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In Cyprus Avenue (2016) and Ulster American (2018), which won awards and caused walkouts, David Ireland established a signature tone of farcical nightmare. Ulster Unionists (his own community) are driven to outlandish...

Amy & Lan by Sadie Jones review – larks and losses on a rural commune

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Amy Connell and Lachlan Honey are childhood soulmates on a Herefordshire smallholding, closer even than siblings, born just a few days apart. They celebrate their birthdays every summer solstice with a ramshackle picn...

Amy & Lan by Sadie Jones review – the end of childhood innocence

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Sadie Jones’s fifth novel, The Snakes, was her first to move away from a historical backdrop: a thriller-cum-morality tale heavy with symbolism, where the strife in one family functioned as a microcosm of the deep div...