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Punched: Sadie Frost appears in ‘no frills’ drama exploring domestic abuse

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Women’s experiences of domestic and sexual violence will be dramatised in a West End theatre next week to “give voice” to survivors and highlight the scale of abuse. “We all carry a lifetime of experiences, it doesn’t...

Sadie Frost and her mother get ready for a wedding: ‘I imagined this amazing princess life ahead of me’

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A poster girl for 90s cool, Sadie Frost rose to prominence as a Vivienne Westwood model, before starring in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The daughter of Mary Davidson and psychedelic artist David Vaug...

Quant review – Sadie Frost’s starry fashion doc on miniskirt queen

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Here is a fashion documentary celebrating designer Mary Quant as a trailblazing fashion rebel and icon of the swinging 1960s. (Coming of fashion age in the 90s, I always associated her with eyeshadow in unappealing sh...

Sadie review – lockdown Belfast drama is hilarious and harrowing

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In Cyprus Avenue (2016) and Ulster American (2018), which won awards and caused walkouts, David Ireland established a signature tone of farcical nightmare. Ulster Unionists (his own community) are driven to outlandish...