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Ryanair wants to charge a fortune to change our flights

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I’m sure you will have received many letters about Ryanair during the pandemic but I’d like your views on our experience. We decided to take our extended family on holiday to Marseille in July 2020, so we booked fligh...

Ryanair predicts ‘very strong recovery’ as it expands autumn flights

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Ryanair is expecting to fly more passengers this autumn than in the summer, raising its target for the next three months as it predicts “a very strong recovery”. The budget short-haul airline, Europe’s largest carrier...

Ryanair plans to carry 225m passengers by 2026 in Covid rebound

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Ryanair plans to fly an extra 25 million passengers a year by 2026, as the no-frills airline tries to take advantage of the industry’s slow recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The Irish airline said it hoped to ca...

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