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Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything audiobook review – easygoing education

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At the start of their Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything, the authors confess the title is a fraud, pointing to the tiny asterisk and the word “abridged” that appears in the printed version. But if scientist Adam...

Greg Rutherford makes GB bobsleigh squad to keep his Olympic dream alive

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Greg Rutherford’s audacious dream of becoming the first British athlete to win a medal at a summer and winter Olympics has moved a significant step closer after he was selected for the GB bobsleigh squad that will att...

Team GB’s Magic Monday brought my Super Saturday memories flooding back

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This might sound a touch bizarre but I don’t think I quite understood the emotions that millions went through on Super Saturday until I was poolside on Magic Monday. You know that feeling when there is alchemy in the ...