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Rusland-Oekraïne oorlog: Moscow attacks UK’s ‘anti-Russian hysteria’; billionaire vows to rebuild Mariupol – live

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Russia says the ban on Boris Johnson and senior ministers from entering the country will soon be expanded to other politicians

Rusland-Oekraïne oorlog: Moscow promises humanitarian corridors; US to send Patriot missiles to Poland – live

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Russia says it will observe a ‘regime of silence’ in several Ukraine cities; Biden administration rejects Polish plan to use MIG jets to help Ukraine

Rusland-Oekraïne oorlog: Moscow threatens to cut gas supplies to Europe; Zelenskiy vows to stay in Kyiv until ‘war is won’ – live

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Ukraine president says war is ‘nightmare’ for Moscow; EU to discuss ways to wean itself off Russian gas as energy becomes key battleground; top Russian generals killed