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A Russian taboo: film explores death of private soldier in Syria

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A new Russian film tackles one of the country’s great taboos: the role of Russian mercenaries in trouble spots around the world and the toll this takes on the family members of the often unacknowledged soldiers who di...

Russian movie crew return to Earth after filming 12 days on the International Space Station – video

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A Russian actor and a film director have returned to Earth after spending 12 days on the International Space Station, shooting scenes for The Challenge, the first movie filmed in orbit. Actor Yulia Peresild and direct...

Russian film crew return to Earth after shooting the first movie in space

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A Russian actor and a film director have returned to Earth after spending 12 days on the International Space Station shooting scenes for the first movie in orbit. Yulia Peresild and Klim Shipenko landed as scheduled o...

Russian actor and director prepare for space launch to record first movie in orbit

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Russia is set to launch an actor and a film director into space in a bid to best the United States to the first movie in orbit. If successful, the Russian crew will beat a Hollywood project announced earlier this year...

Russian tycoon’s link to alleged corruption in leaked files raises questions for Tory ministers

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A Russian-born oil tycoon whose firm has made huge donations to the Conservative party secretly co-owned a company once accused of participating in a massive corruption scheme, according to leaked files seen by the Gu...

UK joins calls on Mali to end alleged deal with Russian mercenaries

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The UK has joined a mounting international campaign of pressure on Mali’s military leaders to step back from a suspected deal with a Russian mercenary company, amid fears that the agreement will further complicate ins...

F1: Russian Grand Prix – live!

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Max Verstappen to start Russian Grand Prix at back of the grid

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Max Verstappen will start the Russian Grand Prix from the back of the grid after taking a new power unit before the race. The decision by his Red Bull team leaves Lewis Hamilton in the best possible position to retake...

Third Russian national charged over Salisbury poisonings

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A third Russian national has been charged over the 2018 novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, British police have said. A man using the name Sergey Fedotov, believed to be about 50 jaar oud, is ...

Russian minister complains to US about role of ‘digital giants’ in election

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The Russian foreign ministry has summoned the US ambassador, John Sullivan, to complain about alleged interference by “American digital giants” in Russia’s upcoming parliamentary election. According to a ministry stat...

Don’t blame Russian trolls for our anti-vaxx problem. Our misinformation is homegrown

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Aan 18 Mei 2021, German YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann tweeted an unusual message: a marketing agency was asking him to share allegedly leaked documents on Covid-19 vaccine deaths. Within a week, French YouTuber Léo Grasse...

Russian firefighting plane crashes in southern Turkey

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A firefighting plane from Russia crashed on Saturday in a mountainous area in southern Turkey, killing the eight crew members and emergency workers aboard, Russia’s defence ministry said. The ministry said five Russia...

SolarWinds: Russian hackers broke into email accounts at US attorney offices

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Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyber-espionage campaign broke into the email accounts of some of the most prominent US federal prosecutors’ offices last year, the Department of Justice has said. The de...

US anti-doping chief dismisses Russian Olympic ban as a ‘farce’

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The CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart, has dismissed the punishment handed down for Russia’s state sponsored doping program as a “farce”. The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned official Russian teams fr...

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