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‘Not fit for purpose’: new noise benchmark needed for Melbourne’s third runway, group says

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Melbourne airport must adopt new health-based metrics based on World Health Organization research for its proposed third runway to ensure people aren’t exposed to harmful noise levels, a group of transport experts say...

Bree Runway review – the high-octane magic of a superstar in the making

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You are now listening to the sounds of Bree Runway,” an announcement booms as Brenda Wireko Mensah arrives on stage with her band and dancers to launch into an explosive rendition of Apeshit. Thundering drums clatter ...

A quieter gender fluidity marks Gucci’s return to the Milan runway

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Gender fluidity is not just Harry Styles in a feather boa. It can also be a woman in an elegantly oversized double-breasted trouser suit, like the model who opened Gucci’s first Milan fashion week show in two years. “...

Tonga airport runway being cleared of ash as Australian planes ready to depart

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Two Royal Australian Air Force planes are ready to depart for Tonga as soon as conditions allow, with the flights waiting for ash to be removed from the Pacific nation’s airport runway. New Zealand’s defence minister,...

Il costo della pulizia della terza pista di Heathrow raddoppia a 100 miliardi di sterline, I parlamentari hanno detto

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Il costo per ridurre l'impatto del carbonio di una terza pista proposta a Heathrow è raddoppiato da quando il parlamento ha approvato l'idea di espansione, suggerisce una relazione presentata ai parlamentari. Uno studio della New Economics Foundation suggerisce....

Teesside airport runway closed after three hurt in light aircraft incident

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Teesside airport’s runway is closed after an incident involving a light aircraft left three people in hospital. The airport said in a statement on Twitter that the incident occurred at 9.39am on Saturday and the pilot...

Gatwick plans to proceed with conversion of emergency runway

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Gatwick airport is to press ahead with plans to convert its emergency runway for routine use, in a sign that the aviation industry expects demand to rebound in full soon after the coronavirus pandemic. London’s second...