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‘No running water’: foreign workers criticise UK farm labour scheme

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Seasonal workers in the UK on a post-Brexit pilot scheme to harvest fruit and vegetables were subjected to “unacceptable” welfare conditions, according to a government review. Issues cited by workers included a lack o...

Sjina: meer as 80 ostriches filmed running through the streets of Chongzuo – video

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Footage has emerged of a group of ostriches on the run through the streets of Chongzuo in China.It is believed the ostriches escaped from a farm owing to the gate not being closed properly, according to local media.No...

Why Europe’s Muslims are braced for France’s stint running the EU presidency

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France has taken over the rotating EU presidency for the next six months, an opportunity the president, Emmanuel Macron, will no doubt use to nudge Europe towards his goal of greater “strategic autonomy” in the world....

As ek in die donker in die Waimapihi-reservaat rondhardloop het, het my kopvlam verborge skatte geopenbaar

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Ek is bang om in die bos te verdwaal. Dit is ongewoon vir 'n essayis. Die meeste van ons hou daarvan om in disoriënterende landskappe te gaan stap en verdwaal heeltemal sodat ons daaroor kan skryf. Rebecca Solnit het geskryf dat ge...

Multinational running England’s catch-up tuition 90% below enrolment target

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Randstad, the Dutch multinational company responsible for delivering the government’s flagship National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is under mounting pressure after claims that pupil enrolment for subsidised tuition is m...

Timo Werner running out of time to prove he can succeed at Chelsea

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Sometimes it is easy to forget that there is more to Timo Werner’s game than comedy misses, doomed dribbles and an inability to stay onside. Labelling the forward a dud would be an exaggeration. Werner has his uses in...

‘Time is running out’: your messages for world leaders at Cop26

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World leaders must commit to actions rather than promises, renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, and future security rather than present consumption, according to hundreds of messages from Guardian readers and su...

Time running out for LGBTQ+ Afghans hiding from Taliban, warn charities

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Calls for the government to speed up the evacuation of gay, lesbian and transgender Afghans intensified on Saturday after the first LGBTQ+ group arrived safely in Britain but left many behind to face an uncertain fate...

Slim piekel: die YouTube-onderwyser in Sydney in die wedloop vir $1,3 miljoen wêreldwye prys

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Almal onthou hul gunsteling onderwyser. Rebecca West kan haarself steeds nie sover kry om haar op sy voornaam te noem nie, Alhoewel, 20 jare aan, sy is vriende met Paul op Facebook. Maar sy sal nooit die voorbeeld vergeet nie ...

England up and running in T20 World Cup as West Indies are blown away

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A few too many wickets fell for them to be completely cock-a-hoop, but England’s introduction to the T20 World Cup fell not far short of perfection as they skittled the defending champions for 55 before securing victo...

Fear not: there is little danger of inflation running wild

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Next month the Bank of England might begin the long road back to higher interest rates. Plenty of financial traders believe comments and speeches by the governor Andrew Bailey and some of his colleagues make it a like...

UK recovery ‘running out of steam’ as retail sales fall again – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Covid ‘still running rampant’ worldwide, warns creator of Oxford vaccine

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Coronavirus is “still running rampant” worldwide and the failure to ensure poorer countries can access vaccines risks more deaths and the emergence of potentially dangerous new variants, the creator of the Oxford jab ...

My Alpine trail running adventure holiday in Switzerland

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‘Freedom. That’s what you’re chasing in the mountains.” I was hurrying along a slope below Mont Fort in Verbier to keep pace with Emily Vaudan, a trail running guide for new activity company Bee Heidi, and I kept stop...

‘Running didn’t even occur to me’: Gulnara Samoilova on photographing 9/11

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I was asleep when the first plane hit. Op daardie stadium, I lived just four blocks from the World Trade Center, right next to a hospital, a fire station and the HQ of the New York police. The sirens woke me up. They were no...

Give pupils Covid jab to prevent virus running through UK, kundige sê

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Schoolchildren should be given the Covid vaccine to avoid allowing the virus to “run through the population”, a leading scientific expert has said, after official vaccine advisers concluded the net health benefit in v...

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