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Runners across island of Ireland pause in memory of Ashling Murphy

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Runners across the island of Ireland paused in memory of 23-year-old Ashling Murphy on Saturday, with further vigils organised following the murder of the teacher. Irish police are continuing to hunt for the killer of...

The elite East African runners whose American dreams hang in the balance

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It is a Sunday afternoon in November in the village of Leldaet, Kenia, and Kip Tisia’s mother and sister-in-law are cooking a feast. The family has just watched a livestream of Tisia’s brother, Elkana Langat, winning ...

‘It’s like being in Jurassic Park’: a trail runner’s guide to Madeira

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That Madeira airport’s runway sits on a purpose-built stilted platform above the ocean tells you a lot about the island. Scarcely an inch of it is flat; rather, it’s a place of plunging, vertiginous extremes. è, S...

‘There’s magic in misery’: ultramarathon runners cross Death Valley – in a drought

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In the Badwater Basin at the bottom of California’s Death Valley, the air feels like a giant hair dryer and the pavement can melt the soles of your shoes. Yet on Monday night, 100 of the world’s top endurance runners ...

Un'ultramaratona finisce in tragedia: i corridori descrivono l'orrore della gara del Gansu

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At the starting line of the Gansu ultramarathon, faceva freddo ma splendeva il sole. Un concorrente ha faticato a scaldarsi, anche dopo una corsa veloce di 2 km, and noticed some of the elite competitors were wearing shorts ...

Irish-trained runners reign supreme at Cheltenham to leave pack behind

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When Germany beat the hosts Brazil 7-1 nel 2014 World Cup semi-final, the home fans christened it the Mineirazo – the agony of the Estádio Mineirão. On that basis the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, from the point of vie...