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Republicans angry as New York keeps school mask mandate despite ruling

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Republicans in New York reacted furiously on Tuesday after state officials told school administrators to continue enforcing a mask mandate for students and teachers despite a judge overturning it, causing confusion as...

Guaidó closer to £1.3bn in Venezuelan gold after UK court ruling

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Marathon legal efforts by Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó to gain control over €1.6bn (£1.3bn) of gold reserves held by the Bank of England have come closer to success after the UK supreme court ruled that Britain unequivocal...

Trafficking victims entitled to back payments after court ruling

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Thousands of trafficking victims who had government support payments removed in the midst of the pandemic are entitled to back payments that could run into millions of pounds, following a high court ruling that found ...

Uber must overhaul London business model after high court ruling

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Uber will be forced to change its business model in London to contract directly with passengers who book, after a high court ruling that will affect all private hire operators in the capital. The judgment was hailed b...

Honduras om eerste vroulike president te kry nadat regerende party 'n nederlaag erken het

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Honduras se regerende party het 'n nederlaag in presidensiële verkiesings erken, gee oorwinning aan die linkse opposisiekandidaat Xiomara Castro en verlig vrese vir nog 'n betwiste stemming en gewelddadige betogings. Tegucigalpa kan ...

Ma wat tronk toe gestuur is omdat sy baba benadeel het, tref 'onregverdige' appèluitspraak

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’n Ma wat tronk toe gestuur is omdat sy haar baba benadeel het, het die howe van “onreg” beskuldig nadat regters aanvaar het dat sy ’n slagoffer van mishandeling was, maar teen ’n aansoek om appèl teen haar skuldigbevinding beslis het op grond daarvan dat....

Botswana upholds ruling decriminalising same-sex relationships

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Gay rights campaigners expressed joy at the Botswana court of appeal’s decision to uphold a ruling that decriminalised same-sex relationships, saying the country’s judiciary had set an example for other African countr...

Britney Spears fans react with joy to conservatorship ruling – video

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Crowds of fans launched confetti and erupted in cheers and chants of 'Britney is free!' after a judge approved the termination of Britney Spears's conservatorship. The ruling frees the pop star from a legal arrangemen...

First Nations in Ontario kan miljarde terughuur ontvang ná hofuitspraak

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Kanada kan vergoedingsbetalings aan inheemse gemeenskappe ter waarde van miljarde in die gesig staar, nadat 'n hof bevind het dit het Eerste Nasies opsetlik ontneem van die geweldige rykdom wat uit hul lande onttrek is. Die Kroon het betaalmanne gemaak...

Die hof in Oklahoma het 'n opioïedbeslissing van $465 miljoen teen Johnson omgekeer & Johnson

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Die hooggeregshof in Oklahoma het Dinsdag 'n opioïedbeslissing van $465 miljoen teen dwelmvervaardiger Johnson omgekeer & Johnson, bevinding dat 'n laer hof die staat se openbare oorlaswet in die eerste saak van sy k..

Tennis star accuses Chinese ruling party official of #MeToo abuse

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The Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has apparently accused a former vice-premier of sexual assault, engulfing the highest echelons of Beijing’s ruling Communist party in a #MeToo scandal for the first time. Authoritie...

Ruling party of Fumio Kishida wins smaller majority in Japanese election

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Japan’s ruling conservative party held on to power in Sunday’s election, but gains by the opposition parties weakened prime minister Fumio Kishida’s authority as he attempts to steer the economy out of the coronavirus...

Hongarye: anti-Orbán alliance leads ruling party in 2022 election poll

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A six-party opposition alliance that aims to topple Hungary’s Viktor Orbán in elections next year has pulled four points clear of the authoritarian prime minister’s Fidesz party after electing a common leader, ooreenkomste...

Brussels vows swift response to Poland’s ruling against EU law

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The head of the European Commission has vowed a swift response to a ruling from Poland’s top court rejecting the supremacy of EU law, which has thrown relations between Brussels and Warsaw into a crisis. Ursula von de...

New Zealand ruling against deep-sea mining set a global precedent – now Ardern should ban it

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The decision by New Zealand’s Supreme Court last week against a giant seabed mining proposal in the South Taranaki Bight is a wake-up call for the world’s would-be seabed mining industry, both in the deep oceans of in...

Alito hits out at ‘intimidation’ in defence of supreme court’s Texas abortion ruling

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Samuel Alito has become the latest US supreme court justice to defend the panel’s political independence, labeling criticism of recent ultra-conservative decisions including a tacit approval of an abortion ban in Texa...

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