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It’s no joke: standups in legal row over ‘stolen’ comedy routine

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Have you heard the joke about the internet-connected fridge that sent so many text messages it was like having a nagging partner? It might not leave you in stitches but it is at the centre of a potentially landmark le...

No routine checkups on welfare of fish at slaughter, officials admit

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The government has admitted there are no routine checkups on fish welfare at slaughter, after an investigation found no department would take responsibility. Campaigners have said this means fish face cruelty with no ...

A routine morning for psycho Raab: 50 press-ups and a fumbled interview

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It’s 5.30am. The alarm goes off. Dominic Raab is awake almost immediately. He’s always been a light sleeper. Dom gets out of bed and cranks out 50 press ups, the veins on his arms bulging pleasingly. He’s always pride...

Alzati e risplendi: potrebbe avere una routine mattutina cambiare la mia vita in meglio?

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Sono sempre stato resistente alla routine. La natura irreggimentata della scuola non è mai stata qualcosa che mi è piaciuto, e al giorno d'oggi, come scrittore freelance senza figli, In genere riesco a fare le mie ore, che spesso può portare ...

‘Sewage discharges will be routine’: Chichester protests at Tory housing targets

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Around the Tory heartland of Chichester, the government’s promise to build 300,000 homes a year has prompted loyal followers to take to the streets in protest. At first glance it might look like nimbyism, but dig deep...

Pandemic disrupted routine vaccinations of US kindergarteners

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Yet another hidden cost of Covid-19 was revealed on Thursday as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented new data showing how the pandemic has dramatically impeded the US effort to vaccinate kids for o...