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China shuts down transport routes as it battles worst Covid outbreak in months

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China has dramatically tightened travel restrictions as it seeks to control the country’s worst outbreak in months, with hundreds of Delta variant cases linked to airport employees. The latest outbreak has so far infe...

Google Maps suggests ‘potentially fatal’ routes up Ben Nevis, say mountain charities

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Scottish mountaineering charities have criticised Google for suggesting routes up Ben Nevis and other mountains they say are “potentially fatal” and direct people over a cliff. The John Muir Trust, which looks after t...

App maps shady spots to guide Barcelona walkers along cooler routes

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A new app promises to help Barcelona residents find the shadiest route between two places to avoid extreme heat. Cool Walks, a routing tool for pedestrians first developed at a data visualisation contest, aims to show...

Green activists criticise easyJet for launching 12 new UK routes

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EasyJet launched 12 new domestic UK flying routes on Thursday, a decision criticised by green campaigners as likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions. The airline said the routes, which will include Birmingham to N...

UK officials in talks with EU over reopening travel routes

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Talks over the mechanics of reopening travel routes between the UK and the European Union over the summer holidays will open with Brussels within days. Officials in Whitehall are working on a proposal for the mutual r...