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Ronaldo completes Manchester United’s rousing comeback win against Atalanta

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Manchester United continue to be a heart-palpitating proposition who cannot control matches. Ma, they also continue to be a box-office thrill, who stank the first half out, then put on a show that featured Cristiano ...

Shilpa Gupta review – rousing reminder that free speech used to be a noble cause

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When the Chinese dissident Liu Xia was under house arrest with state security guards posted at her front door, she wrote a passionate poem to her husband, Liu Xiaobo: “I’ll never give up the struggle for freedom from ...

Alison Peasgood pushes to the last in rousing finish to Paralympic triathlon

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As Annouck Curzillat and her guide Celine Bousrez came onto the final stretch there appeared to be no danger. With 500m remaining of the women’s triathlon for visually impaired athletes the French pair were approachin...