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Remote hand of Rangnick already in play as Ronaldo feels the chill

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As Cristiano Ronaldo prepared to enter the pitch with an hour gone at Stamford Bridge, having performed a dutiful kind of warm-up, meandering along the touchline like a venerable old don taking a stroll on the college...

Neymar’s once joyful talent risks being mangled by the PSG project

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Who weeps for Neymar? Not many people. Except perhaps Neymar himself, who cries a lot and not always out of sadness. A quick internet search of “Neymar tears” reveals 4.73 million hits, from Brazil tears to Barça tear...

Ralf Rangnick’s arrival is a response to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea revolution

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Ed Woodward always gets his man. Or at least, Ed Woodward always gets a man. Give Manchester United’s chief executive his due. People definitely keep turning up. There is probably some kind of method in the decision t...

Removal of doomed Solskjær will not solve Manchester United’s problems

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Ever feel like you’ve been had? As the final notes in Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s long goodbye play themselves out, as statements are issued and narratives massaged, it is worth taking a step back from all that background n...

Qatar 2022 is a powerplay aimed at neighbours more than European critics

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One year to go, 11 in the making. Welcome to Qatar 2022, ファイナル・カウントダウン, and a World Cup that for all the noise, the sense of fingers crossed and a gaze averted from the bloodier details, still makes no real sens...

Premier League’s high-end soap opera returns with promise of real title race

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It was another autumn international break, almost exactly five years ago, that ignited Chelsea’s push to their most recent Premier League title. It is a little startling that what seems now like a mundane shift of sha...

Azeem Rafiq’s courage shows Yorkshire and ECB what a real leader looks like

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It seems that Yorkshire County Cricket Club were right about Azeem Rafiq all along. He really is a natural-born leader. Just not in the way they’d hoped. On Tuesday morning Rafiq sat for an hour and three quarters in ...


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これは約束された終わりですか? もしそうなら, 上手, それは爆風イングランドでした. そしておそらく何かが水曜日にシフトし始めました. イングランドの打者がかなり疲れたように見えるように彼らの道をいじくり回したとき 166 このT20Wで最初にバッティングします。.

Manchester United play zombie-ball with Solskjær a baffled spectator

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と 56 分が過ぎました, as Manchester City’s players pinged and tickled the ball around, 2-0 up and basically doing a yoga workout, a team conga in the Manchester United half, Jadon Sancho went to press Kyle Walker, loo...

クリケットの人種差別に関しては, ECBは裁判官ではなく被告人です

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Oh no you don’t, Tom Harrison. Hold it right there, the England and Wales Cricket Board. Drop the mask of simpering piety. Lose the grave, troubled look. There is no doubt that English cricket’s continuing, historic p...

Trent Alexander-Arnold dazzles as Liverpool put bad memories to bed

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Was this a kind of closure? Not really. But it felt like a marker along the way. This Champions League game will be remembered for two things. 最初, as a way of putting to bed that unsettling, unloved pre‑pandemic ga...


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さようなら, ヌーノ. そうだった, それに直面しよう, 最初からほぼ完全に運命づけられた, ゲインの分析にはほとんどゼロ点があります, ヌーノ時代のスパーズの損失と遺産. どんな思い出がありますか ...

Joe Root: ‘Ashes is the one series every player is desperate to perform in’

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“I can’t remember exactly what I said when he called. I just remember having a massive grin on my face for the next couple of days.” And on cue, that massive grin is back. There is a tendency in professional sport to ...

Low-key Ronaldo theatre gives way to second act of beautiful precision

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Money won’t make you happy. Money won’t solve all your problems. But it certainly helps. Or at least, it does when that weekly debit comes in exchange for talent on the Cristiano Ronaldo scale. Ronaldo was sensational...

Eoin Morgan has been a game-changer who merits a chance to go out his own way

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One of Napoleon’s favourite generals, the glamorous, reckless Joachim Murat, was famous for riding into battle ahead of his cavalry regiment carrying nothing but a small whip. For all the bloodshed around him Murat ma...

Cristiano Ronaldo the inevitable headline star of a cinematic thriller

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With nine minutes to play on a thrilling, increasingly wild night at Old Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo made one of those half-runs, the run that isn’t quite the run, then stretched his stride as he picked up the flight o...

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