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Ronan Keating accepts ‘substantial damages’ over phone hacking

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The singer Ronan Keating has accepted “substantial damages” from the publisher of the News of the World over phone hacking. Keating, known for being part of Irish boyband Boyzone and his subsequent solo career, brough...

If Unite’s left allows its leadership vote to split, history’s judgment will be severe

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In 1970s Britain, there were more than 50 industrial correspondents reporting the day-to-day news of the trade union movement. Vandag, you can count the number on one hand. Perhaps this explains why a great deal more a...

Ronan O’Gara’s winning mentality lifts La Rochelle bid to rule Europe

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Victor Vito, La Rochelle’s influential former All Black, laughs as he identifies the biggest change at the club since he first pitched up on France’s Atlantic coast five years ago. “When I got here guys were smoking r...

Ammonite review – Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan find love among the fossils

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The open secret of Victorian sexuality is rediscovered by film-maker Francis Lee in this fine, intimate, intelligently acted movie about forbidden love in 1840s Lyme Regis. But it isn’t exactly a tale of two French Li...