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Romeo and Juliet review – a bold rewiring with no room for romance

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This is not the first major production of Romeo and Juliet in this pandemic year. Simon Godwin set the standard with his exquisite film hybrid and several others have similarly envisaged Verona in a modern landscape. ...

‘You’re looking at the person you love’: the married couple playing Romeo and Juliet

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This is a tale of two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Hull we lay our scene. Two actors are born on the same street, a few years apart, and go to the same school yet never meet. One is Jordan Metcalfe, Oms ...

Romeo and Juliet review – lovers and fighters are pawns in Shakespeare’s devastating game

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Rapiers and sand-timers mix with skinny jeans and rave music in this pacy production of Shakespeare’s most famous love story. The aesthetic mixture sets the tone for a show that offers entertaining elements, but lacks...

Romeo and Juliet remixed: how technology can change storytelling

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La domenica, as part of the Sydney Opera House’s UnWrapped series, a group of dancers “remixed” Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by way of an Australian storytelling technology, Omelia. A product built to shuffle characte...

Tamsin Greig: ‘Romeo and Juliet speaks to our polarisation today

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Tamsin Greig, 54, was born in Maidstone and studied drama at Birmingham University. Her TV roles include comedies Black Books, Green Wing, Episodes and Friday Night Dinner, alongside dramas such as Julian Fellowes’s B...

‘We had a three-hour window to get intimate!’ Romeo and Juliet at the National

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Just over a year ago, Simon Godwin was all set to direct Romeo and Juliet at the National Theatre. The cast, including Josh O’Connor and Jessie Buckley as the star-crossed lovers, were just going into rehearsals when ...