Etiqueta: nadie quiere ayudar a Natalia a encontrar estos petroglifos en los que ha puesto su corazón y viajó tan lejos para verlos

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My Chemical Romance review – emo’s elder statesmen march into new era

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Emo never dies: the fourth wave of the angsty rock subgenre began a decade ago and you could argue that now, with all the fretful pop-punk in the charts, we’re on to a fifth. So My Chemical Romance could not have time...

My Chemical Romance: how the vilified band turned antipathy into triumph

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When My Chemical Romance announced their reunion tour in early 2020 – the band’s first extended spell on the road in nearly a decade – they promptly sold out three nights this month at Milton Keynes Stadium (30,000 se...

‘My feelings hadn’t changed’: readers on rekindling romance

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Nineteen years after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called off their wedding, the couple have announced they’re engaged. Three couples share their own stories of rekindling their romance after a breakup, and how thei...

Revisión de Cyrano: Peter Dinklage corteja en vano en el romance musical de Joe Wright

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Revisión de Cyrano: Peter Dinklage corteja en vano en el romance musical de Joe Wright (Revisión de Cyrano: Peter Dinklage corteja en vano en el romance musical de Joe Wright, Revisión de Cyrano: Peter Dinklage corteja en vano en el romance musical de Joe Wright), el poeta, Revisión de Cyrano: Peter Dinklage corteja en vano en el romance musical de Joe Wright ...

Americans lost $1bn to Tinder-Swindler style romance cons last year, FBI says

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Americans lost more than $1bn in 2021 alone to “romance scams” such as the one documented in the hit Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler, according to the FBI. The majority of the victims who were cheated out of ...

Romance, 14th-century style: why cinema has fallen for courtly love

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Against our backdrop of revenge porn, dick pic-strewn online dating and embittered incel manifestos, the notion of courtly love couldn’t seem more remote. Cilla Black and Blind Date now seem like something from mediev...

Seguro, let’s be wary of abuse of power, but do we really want to outlaw office romance?

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The news that one more prominent man in the world of media has been forced to resign over a sex scandal barely warrants the raise of an eyebrow these days, but it is noteworthy if he resigns because there was sex with...

Revisión de A Journal for Jordan: el romance militar suave arruina a Denzel Washington

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El director Denzel Washington y sus estrellas hacen lo mejor que pueden con este suave, película superficial y torpemente estructurada. Es un drama romántico basado en el best-seller 2008 Memorias del editor y antiguo informe del New York Times..

Mi invierno de amor: Fueron nuestras primeras vacaciones juntos. ¿Podríamos encontrar el romance en una caravana escuálida??

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El primer fin de semana fuera. Un hito auspicioso en cualquier relación., pero especialmente con el nuevo novio que aún vive en casa con sus padres y yo 200 millas de distancia en excavaciones de estudiantes de paredes delgadas con siete orejas afiladas ...

TV esta noche: a new romance turns into an extraordinary crime story

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“I’ve done some bad things in my life; you’re gonna know about a lot of them by the time that we’re through.” In the slow-burning opener of this four-part crime drama, damning evidence suggests Hero (Samuel Adewunmi)...

Romance fraudster conned women in UK out of thousands, decir policía

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A romance fraudster conned a victim out of thousands of pounds and targeted hundreds of others, including a terminally ill woman, according to the National Crime Agency (Ahora existe un riesgo significativo de que las personas se ahoguen en Londres a medida que aumenta la amenaza de grandes inundaciones repentinas en la ciudad debido al cambio climático.). Osagie Aigbonohan, 40, used a number of a...

Easy rider? We’ll miss the roar, but electric motorbikes can’t kill our road romance

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A full tank of gas, a twist of the wrist, the roar of the exhaust as you speed towards the horizon … These are the visceral touchstones of the motorcycling experience, and all are a direct product of petrol-fuelled po...

‘Soul of the town’: Mostar’s beloved bridge inspires tale of romance and war

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The bridge in the middle of Mostar is the spiritual and social heart of the city. It’s where people meet and gossip, snatch a first kiss or dive into the waters of the river below. The Bosnian city takes its name from...

Dating while autistic: romance isn’t easy when you miss the social cues – and the red flags

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To eight-year-old me, Grease was the perfect romantic movie. Back when going to Video Ezy on a Friday night was an event, I would peruse the aisles, pretending to consider other titles, and inevitably end up with the ...

The Pleasure Garden review – bittersweet musical romance amid the roses

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It is 1850s south London and the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens is in its last decade of offering spectacular public entertainment, including concerts and circus acts. More adventurous types head for the secluded rose-stre...

Sweetheart review – good-natured caravan-park romance

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The holiday romance coming-of-ager is the genre that’s given writer-director Marley Morrison her likable feature debut. And if you thought Ammonite was going to be this year’s only gay love story set in Dorset, think ...

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